Quint and Fishbein First at ChessMaine.net Championship

07.06.12 Joshua Quint and Matthew Fishbein shared first place in the open section of the sixth annual ChessMaine.net Championship played at Colby College in Waterville, Maine on June 30th, 2012. Lee Doucette and Bill Loring split the top spot in the U1550 section and Darrell Butler, playing in his very first USCF-rated tournament at the age of 72, took first in the U1250 section. Here's the illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstables.

Turning the world upside down! This mural was on the wall outside the tournament room at the ChessMaine.net Championship played at Colby College's Diamond Building on June 30th.

The ChessMaine.net Championship, a four-round, G/75 tournament, attracted thirty-two players including all three of the 2012 Maine State Chess Champions: Jarod Bryan, Matthew Fishbein and Aaron Spencer. The competition was very intense in each of the three sections.

In the open section, the result was not decided until late in the last round. Aaron Spencer, who had been perfect in his first three rounds, played Matthew Fishbein. The game was very close with Fishbein emerging from the late middlegame with a one pawn plus. He nurtured that plus and was able to score the full point to finish with 3.5 points and a tie for first. Joshua Quint had 2.5 points going into the last round and needed a win to have a chance at the title. Win he did against Alexander Roy to put up 3.5 points and claim his share of first place. Spencer and Lance Beloungie finished with 3.0 points just ahead of four players tied for 5th-8th place with 2.5 points: Alexander Roy, Jarod Bryan, Tom Sandford and Yuri Riabkov.

In the U1550 section, highest-rated player Lee Doucette shared the top spot with Bill Loring. Jamin Fletcher and Collin Calhoun each scored 2.0 points, Haley DeLuca Lowell put up 1.5 and John Engle finished sixth with one draw.

Newcomer to USCF-rated chess, Darrell Butler, scored three out of four (his only loss being to Charles Rotmil in the second round) to take first place in the U1250 section. Trailing Butler with 2.5 points and sole second place was Mark McPheters. Charles Rotmil and William Ravn scored 2.0 points and tied for 4th-5th place. Dan Fishbein scored 1.5 and Gheorghe Teodorescu rounded it out with 1.0 point.

Players were treated to bagels, fruit and coffee and a fine venue for playing tournament chess. Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see you again at the Seventh Annual ChessMaine.net Championship.

USCF crosstable of this event

Co-champion Matthew Fishbein scored 3.5 points with three wins and a draw. His draw came in round three vs

Joshua Quint who also scored 3.5 points.

Aaron Spencer

Lance Beloungie tied for third place with Aaron Spencer scoring 3.0 points.

Alexander Roy

2012 Maine State Co-champion Jarod Bryan

University of Maine Professor Tom Sandford

Yuri Riabkov

Curt Brock (1711) played Jarod Bryan (2206) to an exciting draw in round one.

Always a tough opponent: Barry Magda

Glenn Snyder

One of two female players in the tournament: Bowdoin sophomore Maggie Bryan

Wesley Parker and his brother...

Brett Parker

Jim DuBois

Aaron Falzerano

Former Maine Chess Association President Phil Lowell

Stephen Kaluzynski (1159) decided to play up, entered the open section and came away with half a point.

Current Maine Chess Association President Andy Bryan

Brian Hurst

Winners in the open section: Joshua Quint (left) and Matthew Fishbein

The final round game between Alexander Roy (left) and Joshua Quint

Aaron Spencer (left) plays Matthew Fishbein in the final round.

The open section

Le Doucette scored 3.0 points and finished equal first in the U1550 section tied with...

Bill Loring

Jamin Fletcher

Collin Calhoun

2012 Maine representative to the Polgar Girls National Invitational: Haley DeLuca Lowell

John Engle

Darrell Butler put up 3.0 points which was enough for clear first place in the U1250 section.

Longtime Waterville Chess Club stalwart Mark McPheters took second in the U1250 section.

Charles Rotmil was the only player to beat the U1250 winner

William Ravn

Dan Fishbein

Gheorghe Teodorescu

Winners in the U1250 section: Darrell Butler (left) and Mark McPheters

The brothers Parker: Brett (left) and Wesley

The Diamond Building's sweeping atrium viewed from the exterior.

The Bryan support crew: Anna (left) and her mom Beth. There were three Bryans playing in the tournament of which two (Andy and Maggie) are related.

This piece of art appeared on the tournament board numbers. Do you recognize it? Players were asked if they could name the artist and the artwork. Three winners who had the correct answers were awarded chess books as prizes. (This is Marcel Duchamp's Portrait of Chess Players).


great report and a great tournament...thanks and great photos too.

Good luck to our scholastic representatives at the Denker (Brett Parker) and Barber (Matthew Fishbein) in Vancouver, Washington. Also well wishes to Haley who will be attending Susan Polgar's Invitational in St. Louis.

Congratulations to Matthew (2108) on still moving higher up the ratings ladder and to two former John Bapst students who have reached personal bests: Aaron Spencer (1869) and Maggie Bryan (1602) who's now the highest rated woman in Maine.

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