Yet Another Chess Tournament!

04-16-12 On March 10th, the Royal Court of Maine sponcered a four-quad, round robin tournament at the University of Maine at Augusta dubbed only YACT (Yet Another Chess Tournament). Winners in Quads 1-4 respectively were: Jarod Bryan, Barry Magda, Lee Doucette and Daniel Keliher.

Quad 1 Winner: FIDE Master Jarob Bryan

This from the tournament organizers Barry Magda sand Brian Roderick: We had a great turnout for the UMA YACT 'Roll your Own' Quads, with 31 players playing at least a game or two, four rated and one unrated quad, and a six person, three-round Swiss (unrated). Part of the incentive for having unrated sections was to allow chess players a chance to 'get their feet wet' in the world of tournament chess.

Thanks to the University of Maine at Augusta for hosting us once again. Student Life Director Rose Pelletier also contributed coffee, tea, donuts, door prizes and snacks. Other door prize contributions, school supplies and medals, were provided by Barry Magda. The Royal Court of Maine was the sponsoring USCF affiliate Brian Roderick and Barry Magda were the tournament directors. To get on the mailing list for future events in Augusta area, please email with 'chess' in the subject line.

USCF crosstable of this event

Colin Hickey playing the black pieces vs...

Dan LaVallee in round 1 of the unrated quads.

Quad 1 in action

David Oshana, playing the white pieces, could not control Phil Lowell. 0-1

Ruben Babayan looks over his position against Fide Master Jarod Bryan in Round 1. 1/2

Curt Brock

Quad 2 winner Barry Magda

Lee Doucette (foreground) and George Spahn fight in round 1, Quad 3. George Spahn won a medal for his upset againt Yuri Riabkov.

Bill Gallagher (foreground) and Yuri Riabkov duly record their moves.

Demeka Roderick (left) takes a break from the chessboard with Ryan Hinkson.

Quad 3 winner Lee Doucette (left) pushes for the win in his game vs Bill Gallagher.

Pete Johanson (left) did not prevail with white against Daniel Keliher. 0-1

With the "Big Board" in the foreground, players relax on the comfortable seating of the RJ Randall student center lounge.

Pat Gallagher (left) almost fresh from a 4 out of 5 performance at the Eastern Class Championships in Sturbridge, MA the week previous, studies the board against Curt Brock.

Ruben Babayan on the way to victory in round 3, for 2nd place in Quad 1.

Former Maine Chess Association President Phil Lowell was unable to hold FIDE Master Jarod Bryan. 0-1

Brian Hurst (right) went undefeated in the unrated quad.

Augusta Chess Presence Norman Dostie helped with the tournament.

Dr. Bill Gallagher (left) punches the clock during his game with Yuri Riabikov. 1/2

Our snack table was a bit hit! Thanks UMA and Rose Pellitier of Student Activities for their support!

Nick Gestwicki at the board.

Pete Johanson was one of the lucky door prize winners.

Quad 4 winner Daniel Keliher considers a move en route to an undefeated day.

A happy Yuri Riabkov.

Quad 3 winner Lee Doucette

MECA Board member Daniel Keliher

Augusta resident Bill Loring in front of the tournament room fireplace.

Nick Gestwicki played in his first USCF tournament!

The Big Four of Quad 1in the last round: Phil Lowell (forground left) plays Ruben Babayan and Jarod Bryan (background left) plays David Oshana.

Alexander Roy shows off his winnings for 2nd place in Quad 2.

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