Scholastic Teams State Championship Report

03.06.12 The 2012 State Scholastic Chess Team Championships were held Saturday, March 3, in the Memorial Union, University of Maine, Orono. About 250 players supported by coaches and parents gathered despite the adverse weather conditions to contest team honors in the K-3, K-6, Junior High, and High School sections. Also at stake were individual achievements leading to invitation to the Individual Championships to be held at the same location on March 17. Each player competed in four games with team honors decided by total points scored for the four games or, in the case of the High School Championship section, by head-to-head match play.

The handshake between Matthew Reale-Hatem (left) of Cape Elizabeth High School and Kellen McDonnell of Bangor High School ended the game in Reale-Hatem's favor and clinched the High School Section of the Scholastic Teams State Championship for Cape Elizabeth.

Thanks to Ron Lewis for contributing to this report.

USCF crosstable of the K-3 Championship Section

USCF crosstable of the K-6 Championship Section

USCF crosstable of the K-8 Championship Section when available

USCF crosstable of the High School Championship and Reserve Sections

In the K-3 section, team honors were decided by the total of the team's top three scorers. The winning team was the Deer-Isle Stonington (DIS) team over second place tied teams All-Saints and Breakwater; on tie-breaks, the second place team trophy went to All-Saints. Top scorers for Deer-Isle were Ross Stewart with 4 points and Wyatt Eaton and Cole Stewart each with 3.5 points for a team score of 11. Top scorers for the All-Saints team were Seamus Ravan, Charlotte Urquhart, and Liam Ravan. For Breakwater, their top scorers were Davis Drown, Dax Penny, and Max Hogenauer. The top scoring girl was Kaylee Morey, and the top unrated player was Ariel Larrabee, both of Deer Isle-Stonington. Scoring 3 points or better for a free entry to the Individual Tournament on March 17 were Ross Stewart, Wyatt Eaton, Cole Stewart, Andrew Pappianne, Kaylee Morey, and Ariel Larrabee, all of DIS.

In the K-6 section, with team scores being the total of each team's five top scorers, Deer Isle-Stonington captured its third straight K-6 Team title, besting second place Breakwater School 15.5 to 13.5, a nearly identical result to last year's contest. Top team scorers for Deer Isle-Stonington included: Brendan Penfold with 4 points, Soozin Cha, Tyson Rice, and Orly Vaughn with 3 points each, and Avery Reynolds with 2.5 points. The Breakwater team high scorers were Ian Youth,with 4 points, Matthew Hogenauer and Eric Youth with 3 points each, Samuel Rallis with 2 points, and Oliver Sullivan with 1.5 points. The top girl scorer not on a winning team was Katherine Rudnicki of All-Saints. The top unrated players in this section were Omar Kahn and Jacob Cote of Brewer with 3 points each. Twelve players scored 3 points or better, earning them a free entry into the Individuals Tournament on March 17. These were: Ian and Eric Youth, and Matthew Hogenauer of Breakwater; Brendan Penfold, Orly Vaughn, Soozin Cha, and Tyson Rice of DIS; Michael Hayden of All-Saints; Vetri Vel of Stillwater; and Omar Kahn and Jacob Cote of Brewer. In addition, Katherine Rudnicki is also invited.

In the Elementary Novice section, the winning K-3 team was Stillwater edging out DIS 9.5 to 8.5. The top individual performer was William Xu of Stillwater with four wins in four games. He was joined by teammates Porter Hubbard and Lilly Millard as that team's top three scorers. For DIS, the top three scorers were Tommy Hutchins, Annie Reynolds, and McHenna Martin. In the K-6 Novice section, Belfast emerged ahead of Piscataquis by just a half-point, 9 to 8.5. Top scorers for Belfast were Ilianna Kahn, Sidney Sonders, with Isabel Kelly, Jay Sonders, and Kirk Stillman all with 2 points. For Piscataquis, the top scorers were Cody Randall, Eli Campbell, and Ethan Chadwick. Top performers were Ilianna Kahn and Cody Randall, each with 4 points.

In the K-8 Championship section, Deer-Isle Stonington finished a point ahead of Cape Elizabeth, 14 to 13. Top scorers for Deer-Isle Stonington were Bethany Humphrey, Krisford Melanio, Cameron Wendell, Alyssa Chesney, and Isaac Vaughn. Top scorers for Cape Elizabeth were Matthew Fishbein, Wesley Parker, Jasper Hansel, Kyle Russell, and Matthew Yim. The top players were Matthew Fishbein and Wesley Parker of Cape Elizabeth, each with four points. Top unrateds were Adam Farrington and Adam Gagnon of Brewer. The top female (not on a winning team) was Aidan Coyne of the William S. Cohen School in Bangor. Invited back to the Individuals with free entry were: Matthew Fishbein and Wesley Parker of Cape Elizabeth; Bethany Humphrey, Cameron Wendell, Krisford Melanio, and Alyssa Chesney of DIS; Aidan Coyne of W.S. Cohen School; Alex Fergusson and Sean McAvoy of Orono; and Nathan Thompson of Glenburn.

Medomak took first place in the JHS Novice section, edging out Orono 7.5 to 7 points. Scoring members of the winning Medomak team were: Joseph Powell, Hui Kennedy, and Kyle Blum. Scoring members for the Orono team were: Nicholas Pare, Austin Smith, and Dylan Zamos. The top performer was Adam Boehlen of Bucksport with 4 points.

Elementary and JHS players in the championship sections who scored 3 points or better are invited back to play in the Individual Championships on March 17 at with no entry fee. Any other individual may enter by paying the entry fee. Information and entry forms are available at

In the High School Championship section, defending champion Cheverus did not make the trip due to the weather, but the title stayed in Southwestern Maine as Cape Elizabeth emerged undefeated in match play for the day to win the State HS Team title. Bangor fought Cape to a draw in the final match, with the contest in the balance to the very last second as Cape's Board 1 defeated Bangor's Board 1 with on 17 seconds left on the clock to secure the match draw and clear first place with a team score of 3.5. The Cape Team consisted of Matthew Reale-Hatem, Bret Parker, Ben Hansel, Robert Freccero, and Colin Smith. In the meantime, the DIS team secured a 3 point total for a clear second place win. The DIS team included Sam Grindle, Andy Turner, Hayden Ciomei, Connor Morey, and Nate Davis. Criteria for invitation to the Individuals for the High School Championship and Reserve sections were to score 3 points or better on Board 1, or 3.5 points or better on any other board. Invited back to Individuals on March 17 with no entry fee on this basis are: Matthew Reale-Hatem and Bret Parker of Cape Elizabeth; Josh Audibert of Bangor; Sam Grindle of DIS; and Johnson Chen of George Stevens Academy. The top unrated player was Johnson Chen of George Steven Academy. The top female performer was Haley DeLuca-Lowell, and she receives an invitation to the Individuals as well.

In the HS Reserve section, Van Buren tied Deer Isle-Stonington, 9.5 to 9.5. The Van Buren Reserve team included John Parent, Sean Cullian, and Richard Michaud. Scorers for Deer Isle-Stonington were Chelsea Brown, David McManus, and Nick Eaton. Top scorers included Ezra Briggs of Maranatha and John Parent of Van Buren, each with 4 points. These two in addition to the top scoring girl, Chelsea Brown, are invited back to Individuals with no entry fee.

In the High School Novice section, Bucksport won out over Camden Hills and Dexter, 9 to 7. The Bucksport top scorers for the team score (based on top three scorers) included Rachel Chen, Douglas Gavelek, and Josh Numan, all with three points. Scoring for Camden Hills were Duncan Dyer, Sam Gimlewicz, and Alice Wong. Top scorers for Dexter were Christopher King, Hunter Belanger, and Richard Ryckam. Top performer in this section with 4 points was Yihan Cheng with 4 points.

Tournament Leaders were Kathy Richards for the Elementary and Junior High Sections, and Kurt Klappenbach for the High School. Tournament Directors were Dan DeLuca for the K-3 section, Steve Wong for K-6, Steve Abrahams and Andy Bryan for the Junior High School, Philip Lowell for High School Championship and Reserve sections, and Tom Sandford for the all Novice sections. Trophy awards were coordinated by Andy Bryan. These were supported by a number of other volunteers, parents and coaches.

The next event on the State scholastic chess schedule is on March 17 when the State chess Individual championships will be contested, with the Maine State representative to the USCF National Denker High School Invitational and a representative to the Barber Junior High Sschool Invitational will be decided. A side event, the Sidekick Quads, will also be held on March 17 for adults. The proceeds of the Sidekick Quads will benefit Maine scholastic chess. All events will be held at the Memorial Union, University of Maine, Orono. Visit events page for information and entry forms.

The final-round game between Matthew Reale Hatem of Cape Elizabeth and...

Kellen McDonnell of Bangor...

began simply enough.

But as the clocks ticked and other games in the match were decided (namely Bangor being up 2.5-1.5 with one game remaining)...

things began to heat up...

and up! As the tension mounts, Reale-Hatem, with seventeen seconds remaining on his clock, managed to deliver the knockout blow to win the game with McDonnell, tie the match with Bangor and win the tournament outright with 3.5 points in four rounds.

2012 State High School Champions: Cape Elizabeth (left to right) Colin Smith, Robert Freccero, Ben Hansel, Brett Parker and Matthew Reale-Hatem

The Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners took clear second with 3.0 points (left to right): Coach Isaac Marnick, Conner Morey, Sam Grindle, Andy Turner, Hayden Ciomei and Nathan Davis

The highest scoring (3.5 points) unrated player in the High School Championship section George Stevens Academy student Jiajun Chen receives congratulations and a trophy from tournament director Phil Lowell.

Co-Champions in the High School Reserve section: Van Buren (left to right): coach Dayton Grandmaison, Richard Michaud, assistant coach Steven Giangiordano, Derek Grivois, Sean Cullinan, Devin Berry, John Parent, Cody Maldonado and Nicholas LaJoie

Co-Champion Deer Isle-Stonington tied for first in the High School Reserve section (left to right): Owen Simonds, Cody Eaton, David McManus, Nick Eaton, Noah Gillen, Alex Eaton, Janelle Ciomei, Ivan Zembrusky, Chelsea Brown and coach Isaac Marnik

High scorers in the High School Reserve section with a perfect 4.0 points: Ezra Briggs (left) of Lubec and John Parent of Van Buren.

Action in the High School Reserve section

Erskine Academy's top board George Spahn

Erskine Board 2: Nat Sturgis

Erskine Board 3: Joshua Bois

Erskine Board 4: James Poulin

Erskine Board 5: Adam Bovie

Top gun for Caribou High School: Cody Cherette

Caribou Board 2: Justin Boyer

Caribou Board 3: Rick Perry

Caribou Board 4: Nolan Powers

Caribou Board 5: Andrew Brown

Jiawei Zou, Orono High School's top board

Orono Board 2: Zach Hamilton

Orono Board 3: Jacob Chubbuck

Orono Board 5: Cameron Bowie (Orono's Board 3 was played by Brandon Terra.)

Sam Grindle played top board for Deer Isle-Stonington

Andy Turner: Deer Isle-Stonington Board 2

Deer Isle-Stonington's Board 4 Connor Morey (Hayden Ciomei played Board 3.)

Nathan Davis rounded out the Deer Isle-Stonington championship team on Board 5.

Paul Rudnicki played Board 2 for Bangor.

Josh Audibert filled the Board 3 seat for Bangor.

Charlie Harvey served as sweeper for Bangor on Board 5.

Ian Murray at the helm of the Westbrook team.

Ben Touchette played Board 2 for Westbrook.

Andrew Lamson: Board 3 for Westbrook

Westbrook's Board 4 Josh McCormick

Luke Arsenault played Board 5 for Westbrook.

The George Stevens Academy team was headed by Kaiyue Zhou

GSA Board 2: Jinran Tian

Alexander Speranza took Board 3.

Board 4 for GSA: Jiajun Chen

Tianjian plays the critical Board 5 spot for GSA.

Maine Chess Association President Andy Bryan (center) speaks with Alba (left) and Ezra Briggs while checking the standings in the high school championship section.

Players searched for ways to blow off a little steam after their games: with video games...

or more traditional ways.

Bucksport captured the top spot in the High School Novice section.

Equal second in the High School Novice section: Dexter (left to right): Chris King, Hunter Belanger and Richard Ryckman and...

Camden Hills (left to right): Duncan Dyer, Alice Wong and Sam Gimlewicz.

Yihan Chen of George Stevens Academy was the top scorer in the High School Novice section.

Matthew Fishbein led Cape Elizabeth to victory in the K-8 Championship section.

Aidan Coyne was the top-scoring female in the K-8 section.

Wesley Parker

Airline Community School's Oliver Sheehan

Gergory Dimoulas

Cameron Wendell

Krisford Melanio

Alex Fergusson

Max DeLuca Lowell

Isaac Vaughn

Laddy DeLuca Lowell

Alyssa Chesney

Benjamin Hov Amar

Jasper Hansel

Christian Goddard

Josiah Grace

Stillwater Montessori player Jonathan Kish

Matthew Yim

Nate Wilcox

Nathan Thompson

Austin Witham

Adam Gagnon

Noah Olsen

Sean McEvoy

Philomena Mattes

Daniel Pilecki

Kyle Russell

Adam Farrington

Kylee Atwood

Alison Eaton

Bethany Humphrey

Zachary Grindal

When the dust settled it was Deer Isle-Stonington capturing first place in the K-8 Championship section (left to right): Isaac Vaughn, Philomena Mattes, Alyssa Chesney, Krisford Melanio, Cameron Wendell, Bethany Humphrey and Ali Eaton.

Second place in the K-8 Championship section: Cape Elizabeth (left to right): Noah Olsen, Wesley Parker, Matthew Fishbein, Jasper Hansel, Kyle Russell and Matthew Yin.

In the Junior High School Novice section Medomok took top honors (left to right): Greg Wadsworth, Elizabeth Prescott, Hui Kennedy, coach Bill McClellan, Jerin Brooks, Patrick White, Kyle Blum, Joseph Powell, Ian Goode and Grant Bodine.

Orono Middle School finished second in the Junior High School Novice section. Nick Pare is pictured without teammates Dylan Zaymos and Austin Smith.

Deer Isle-Stonington rose to the top of the K-6 Championship section (left to right): Ennis Marshall, Brendan Penfold, Orly Vaughn, Rylee Eaton, Soozin Cha, Addie MacDonald, Cameron Stewart (kneeling), Benjamin Penfold, Kinsey Bartlett, Tyson Rice, Colby Haskell and Avery Renyolds.

The Breakwater School finished clear second in the K-6 Championship section (left to right): Eric Youth, Oliver Sullivan, Samuel Rollis, Matthew Hogenauer and Ian Youth.

Catherine Rudnicki of All Saints School in Bangor won the top-scoring female trophy in the K-6 Championship section.

Top unrated players in the K-6 Championship section: Omar Kahn (left) and Jacob Cody.

Playing on Board 1 in the K-6 Championship section Soozin Cha.

The Breakwater School's Ian Youth

Michael Hayden

Orly Vaughn

Eric Youth

Brendan Penfold (older brother of...)

Ben Penfold

Stuart MacKay

Tyson Rice

Samuel Rollis

Avery Reynolds collects her thoughts before her third round game in the K-6 Championship section.

Catherine Rudnicki

Omar Kahn

Rylee Eaton

Colby Koelsch

Oliver Sullivan

Cameron Stewart

Colby Haskell

Liam Farrell

Ennis Marshall

Billy Griffith

Vetri Vel

Travis Terra

Noah Ravan

Asa Honey

Paul Fortier

Sean Adams

Eamon Laskey

Jacob Cote

Matthew Hogenauer

David Fernandez

Kinsey Bartlett

Ryan Watson

Isaiah Sprague

Cody Jones

Adeline McDonald

Cody Ross

Jack Decker

Natalie Sheehan

First in the Elementary (K-6) Novice section was Belfast (left to right):Henry Saggese, Ilianna Kahn, Isabel Kelly (black and white skirt), Sawyer Carson, Chase Sanders, Kirk Stillman (kneeling), Sydney Sanders, Ronin Deschamps, Tanner Carson and Corey Deschamps.

Piscataquis took second in the Elementary Novice section (left to right): Colby Chadwick (an interloper from the K-3 team), David Hession, Cody Randall, Eli Campbell, Morgan Smith and Ethan Chadwick.

Top scoring players in the Elementary Novice section Ilianna Kahn (left) and Cody Randall

Deer Isle-Stonington was victorious (again!) in the K-3 Championship section (left to right): Andrew Pappianne, Kaylee Morey, Wyatt Eaton, Ross Stewart, Myles Brown, Henry Penfold, Cole Stewart and Ariel Larrabee

All Saints School tied with the Breakwater School for second place in the K-3 Championship section and received the trophy on tiebreaks (left to right): Liam Raven, Seamus Raven and Charlotte Urquhart.

Kaylee Morey received the top scoring female player trophy in the K-3 Championship section.

Ariel Larrabee: top scoring unrated player in the K-3 Championship section.

The Breakwater School's second place team consisted of: Davis Drown

Dax Penney and...

Max Hogenauer

Andrew Pappianne of Deer Isle-Stonington was the highest rated player in the field.

Seamus Ravan

Charlotte Urquhart

Ruby DeLuca Lowell

Daniel Fernandez

Henry Penfold

Ariel Larrabee

Liam Ravan

Myles Brown

Ross Stewart

Cyrus Grindal

Kaylee Morey

Cole Stewart

Jacob Pung

Wyatt Eaton

Representing the Stillwater Montesorri School's first place Primary (K-3) Novice team William Xu flanked by his coaches Al Duplessis (left) and Joe Alex.

Second place in the Primary (K-3) Novice section: Deer Isle-Stonington

Much appreciation to all who supported this event: parents, coaches, volunteers and players!


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