Aurora Winter Solstice Tournament Report

12.14.11 Thirty-four players (equaling about 34% of the population of the small hamlet in which this tournament was played) competed in the seventh annual Aurora Winter Solstice Chess Tournament at the Airline Community School in Aurora, Maine on Sunday, December 11th, 2011. Matthew Fishbein and Roger Morin tied for first in the open section, Dan Fishbein was the highest-scoring U1400 player, Cameron Wendell won the U1000 and Max DeLuca Lowell took the top spot in the U600 section.

Tournament volunteer Janelle Jones tops off her son Cody's hot chocolate with some whipped cream at the 2011 Aurora Winter Solstice Chess Tournament as Ruby DeLuca Lowell looks on.

USCF crosstable of this event

Newly-minted Maine expert Matthew Fishbein and Roger Morin both scored 2.5 points in the three-round open section of the tournament to share first prize. California resident and strong expert Ted Belanoff, who is on a mission to play in a USCF-rated tournament in every state in the nation, finished in clear second place with 2.0 points scoring two draws and a win. * put up 1.5 points in front of three players scoring 1.0 point: Mark Woida, Yuri Riabkov and Dan Fishbein. Dick Powell rounded out the open section with 0.5 points on a draw with DiNinno.

In the U1000 section, Deer Isle-Stonington player Cameron Wendell went four for four to take first. Wendell was trailed by former Airline Community School student (now a senior at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor) Joey Ahearn who scored 3.0 points. Orly Vaughn and Lois Morin tied for third place with 2.5 points.

Max DeLuca Lowell was perfect on the day with 4.0 points in as many games. He was closely trailed by Ben Penfold with 3.5 points, first-time-tournament-player Duncan Bradshaw and Ennis Marshall both scoring 3.0 points.

Cash prizes were awarded in the Open section and to U1400 players and handsome wooden and high-quality plastic chess sets and boards were given for the top three places in the U1000 and U600 sections.

Thanks to all the parents, volunteers and players for, once again, making the Aurora Winter Solstice a huge success.

This tournament was organized and directed by Andy Bryan and Dan DeLuca.

Matthew Fishbein scored 2.5 points and tied for first with...

Roger Morin

On a mission to play a rated tournament in every state in the nation: California expert Ted Belanoff.

Mark Woida

Yuri Riabkov

Dan Fishbein scored a nice upset over Riabkov in the second round to net him the top U1400 player award.

Dick Powell scored 0.5 points on a draw with DiNinno.

Action in the open section

Winners in the open section: Matthew Fishbein (left) and Roger Morin

Perfect in four: Cameron Wendell scored 4.0 points to take first in the U1000 secton.

Orly Vaughn tied for third place in the U1000 section with...

Lois Morin

Chess breaks down many barriers. The generation gap is overcome in this game between Zach Grindal and Lois Morin.

Soozin Cha in analysis mode.

The hooded Isaac Vaughn

Nicolas Kawamura

Brendan Penfold

Dr. Kawamura gets in some light reading while his son plays in the U1000 section.

Dick Powell checks out games in the U1000 section.

Max DeLuca Lowell trades down to a winning endgame during the last round of the U600 section. This game earned him a perfect score and first place.

Winners in the U600 section (left to right): Ben Penfold (second), Duncan Bradshaw (equal third), Max DeLuca Lowell (first) and Ennis Marshall (equal third).

The U600 players

Players enjoyed some big chess on a board with 8x8 inch tiles for squares.

Can I get Fritz 13 on this thing?

Tournament organizers and directors Andy Bryan (left) and Dan DeLuca in the tournament cockpit.

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