Nineteenth Annual Lacy Greenlaw Deer Isle-Stonington Chess-a-thon

11.11.11 It's a one-of-a-kind event that has been taking place for the past nineteen years. It's an overnight of chess--in all its forms--to raise money for scholastic chess players and their teams. It's the Nineteenth Annual Lacy Greenlaw Deer Isle-Stonington Chess-a-thon and it took place on November 10th-11th at Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School. Here's a look at some of the fun that was had.

Debbie Greenlaw cuts the ribbon to open the Nineteenth Annual Lacy Greenlaw Deer Isle-Stonington Chess-a-thon.

This event was organized and directed by Dick Powell with assistance from Friends of Deer Isle-Stonington Chess.

The first event on the docket was multiple simultaneous displays given by Steve Abrahams

Mark Woida

and Danny Larrabee as well as others.

Jacob Gell (left) and Colton Harriman try their hand at the simul.

Sam Grindle takes on two opponents simultaneously.

Plenty of chess clocks were on hand!

Janelle Ciomei (left) and Isaac Marnik get ready to have a game.

Cameron Wendell takes a hard look at his position during the simul.

As does Bethany Humphrey

The schedule of events: Blitz, Bughouse, Teams, name it!

Janelle Ciomei's concentration proved to be too much for her opponent as she got a "master scalp" from Mark Woida.

As players finished their games they recorded the results on the appropriate sheets.

Next up: Live Chess! Dick Powell gets the thirty-two students in place that will serve as pieces in a live chess game.

The white army is ready.

The black army is ready.

Isaac Marnik (left) and Mark Woida map out their strategy for the white pieces before the game begins

Steve Abrahams and Dan DeLuca (not pictured) will control the black pieces.

And a French Defense Advance Variation is on the board. After a see-saw battle black's time expired and the point went to team Marnik/Woida!

The proud winners with their hardware.

And let's not forget the white pieces themselves.

After the live chess game it was time for Bughouse!

Players looking for pieces to hand to their partners during the Bughouse tournament.

The results are tabulated and the winners are...

The Bughouse team of Cameron Wendell (left) and Steve Abrahams

That's 11:45 p.m.

The food was free flowing all night thanks to parents and volunteers.

After a gym break... was time for Blitz chess!

After toppling Mark Woida in the simul, Janelle Ciomei showed that it wasn't a fluke and proceeded to do it again in their next two out of three games.

Krisford Melanio (left) tries his luck vs Isaac Marnik.

As the evening wore on some players took time out to work on their openings...

...and endgames.

As if Blitz chess weren't fast enough Mark Woida (left) and Isaac Marnik engage in some Lightning (one minute per side) chess.

Those are seconds remaining (not minutes).

The team tournament was played form 3:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m.

The team of Kaylee Morey (left) and Krisford Melanio emerged victorious in the team event.

Orly Vaughn was crowned Blitz Champion of the B group. Steve Abrahams took first in the A group.

5:30 a.m. and breakfast!

See you at next year's Chess-a-thon!


Wish I could have been there. Another great night of Chess on the Island!

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