Maine-NH Border Battle Match-Ups Finalized

09.06.11 The Second Annual Maine-New Hampshire Border Battle will take place on September 10th at the Portsmouth Public Library in Portsmouth, NH. Ten of Maine's top players will faceoff against New Hampshire's top ten in a match organized and directed by Husson University student Steve Abrahams. Here are the final head-to-head pairings for the match.

The 2nd Annual Maine vs NH Border Battle!

Maine (left-hand column) vs New Hampshire
USCF ratings of each player are in parenthesis.

1. David Oshana (2102) vs. Joe Fang (2349)
2. Alan Schalk (2067) vs. Hal Terrie (2205)
3. Adam Schaff (2014) vs. Robert Cousins (2185)
4. Ruben Babayan (2004) vs. John Elmore (2097)
5. Matthew Fishbein (1991) vs. Sherif Khater (2078)
6. Joshua Quint (1972) vs. Erin Dame (1948)
7. Steve Abrahams (1939) vs. Kerry McDermott (1935)
8. John Phythyon (1894) vs. John Gaspar (1931)
9. Phil Lowell (1846) vs. Matt Goddard (1874)
10.Andrey Savov (1826) vs. Gerry Porotski (1847)

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