UMA State Championship Warm-Up Tournament Report

04.17.11 Six players paticipated in the UMA State Championship Warm-Up Tournament played at the University of Maine's Augusta campus on April 3, 2011. The original idea was to coordinate with interested students and the university community as an introduction to chess tournaments. As it turned out, the event became more of a warm-up to the state championship. The organizers indicate that more of these tournaments are in the pipeline--stay tuned to for details.

The UMA State Championship Warm-Up tournament was the first chess tournament played at UMA that we know of.

Thanks to Barry Magda, Brian Roderick and Norm Dostie for contributing to this report.

Jim DuBois took first place scoring 3.0 points in as many games

Tieing for second with 2.5 points were Barry Magda, Curt Brock and Bill Loring.

Robert Leach and Brian Roderick finished the day scoreless.

USCF Crosstable of this Event

Barry Magda (left) plays a skittles game before the tournament with Demeka Roderick.

Tournament winner Jim DuBois

Bill Loring (left) plays the black pieces in his first round game with Barry Magda.

Curt Brock (left) calmly evaluates his position in his game vs Robert Leach.

That Red Sox fan is Bob Leach

The final position in the game Bill Loring vs Brian Roderick. After White played Nf3+ Black resigned.

Curt Brock (foreground left) plays tournament winner Jim DuBois while Brian Roderick (background left) tries to hold off Barry Magda.

Bill Loring in round 1 action.

Prizes (donated by Barry Magda) consisted of school supplies and a book for the winner.

Jim DuBois received a copy of The Tao of Chess for his efforts.

Brian Roderick's t-shirt expresses an a mindset familiar to many chess players.


In the Loring-Roderick game, why can't Black play Kg4?

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