All Saints Winter Warm-Up Tournament Report

03.03.11 Forty-two players turned out for the five-section All Saints Winter Warm-Up Touranament played in Bangor on February 26, 2011. Winners were: Steve Abrahams (Open), Collin Calhoun (U1500), Ezra Briggs (K-12), Ian Youth (K-8), Nicholas Kawamura, Michael Hayden and Soozin Cha (K-6), and Rylee Eaton (K-3). This is the last USCF-rated tournament in Maine before the state scholastic team championships on March 5, 2011. Here's the illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstables.

The open section (rear left), the K-12 section (rear right) and the U1500 section (center) play at the All Saints Winter Warm-Up Tournament in Bangor on February 26, 2011.

Thanks to April Robshaw for contributing to this report.

As the "Warm-Up" in this tournament's title suggests, a host of scholastic players came out to prepare for the state scholastic team championships this coming Saturday, March 5, 2011 at the University of Maine in Orono.

Steve Abrahams won the open section with 3.5 points in four games. He was held to a draw in his last-round game by third-place finisher Tom Sandford (2.5). Yuri Riabkov finished second with 3.0 points (his only loss being to Abrahams). Ryan Tripp (2.0), Lance Beloungie (1.0) and Aaron Spencer (0.5) took forth, fifth and sixth respectively.

UMO student Collin Calhoun finished first in the U1500 section with 3.5 points. Second place went to Josh Audibert who scored three wins in his first three round games dropping only his last game to the section winner. Paul Rudnicki and Dick Powell tied for third with 2.5 points and Alba Briggs, Dan DeLuca, Johnathan Arbo and John Ellison rounded out the U1500 crosstable.

Ezra Briggs won the K-12 section with 2.5 points in three games. His only draw was in round two to second-place finisher Haley DeLuca Lowell (1.5). Jan Porstmann and Andy Turner each scored 1.0 point.

Ian Youth continues to impress winning the K-8 section with 3.5 points in four rounds. Langdon Holly, who tied for second with Bethany Humphrey scoring 3.0 points, held Youth to his only draw of the tournament. Cameron Wendell (1.5) and Adam Bohlen finished fourth and fifth.

The K-6 section was, by far, the largest section in the tournament with seventeen players. A three-way tie for first ensued between Nicholas Kawamura, Michael Hayden and Soozin Cha each who scored 4.0 points in five games. Gabriel Gervais followed the lead pack with 3.5 points and a group of four players (Eric Youth, Brendan Penfold, Bridger Holly and Zach Grindal) tied for fifth with 3.0 points. Sean Adams was the sole 2.5 point getter, he was trailed by a logjam of seven players posting 2.0 points including Noah Raven, Eamon Laskey, Catherine Rudnicki, Ben Penfold, Ian Bernier, Kylee Atwood and Colby Koelsch. Olivia Papini scored 1.0 point.

In the non-rated K-3 section Deer Isle-Stonington powerhouse Rylee Eaton took first with 4.5 points in five games. Seamus Raven was close on her heels scoring 4.0 points and finishing second. Behind the lead pack were Cyrus Grindal (2.5), Giovanni Papini and Evan Hunter (2.0) and Liam Raven who finished the day scoreless.

This tournament was organized and directed by Steve Wong and Ed Rudnicki. Thanks to all who participated. See you at the states on Saturday!

USCF Crosstable of this Event

Tournament winner Steve Abrahams (left) plays Yuri Riabkov in round two.

U1500 players Dick Powell (left) and Dan DeLuca played this game to a draw in round two.

Ezra Brigga (forground left) plays Haley DeLuca Lowell and Andy Turner (background left) plays Jan Portsmann in the K-12 section.

Winners in the K-12 section (left to right) Ezra Briggs (first) Andy Turner (forth), Jan Porstmann (third) and Haley DeLuca Lowell (second).

Cameron Wendell (foreground right) is in full concentration mode as he plays Langdon Holly. In the background Bethany Humphrey takes on Ian Youth.

Ian Youth (left) vs Langdon Holly

Winners in the K-8 section (left to right) Cameron Wendell (third), Ian Youth (first), Bethany Humphrey (equal second), Tournament Director Steve Wong, Adam Bohlen (fifth) and Langdon Holly (equal second).

Bridger Holly (foreground left) plays Nicholas Kawamura while Eamon Laskey (background left) plays Eric Youth.

Action (and concentration) in the K-6 section.

Two of the K-6 winners (Soozin Cha and Nicholas Kawamura) play in round four.

Kylee Atwood vs Zach Grindal

Winners all in the K-6 section

Cyrus Grindal looks concerned during his game with K-3 section winner Rylee Eaton.

Winners in the K-3 section (left to right) Liam Raven (sixth), Seamus Raven (second), Giovanni Papini (equal forth), Evan Hunter (equal forth), Cyrus Grindal (third) and Rylee Eaton (first).


The expression on Mr Grindal's face whilst playing Ms Eaton reflects the position on their board perfectly. My heart goes out to him.

Im disappointed in you guys, my Husband had to leave after His first game due to chest pains and NO ONE was concerned enough to ask about Him. Is this really the kind of people He plays with?

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