Houlton and Presque Isle Tournament Reports

02.02.11 Two events took place in Aroostook County in late January: the 1st U1200 Houlton Open at The Art Studio on Court Street in Houlton on January 22nd and the 2nd Presque Isle/Houlton Open at Turner Memorial Library in Presque Isle on January 29th and The Art Studio in Houlton on January 30th. Andy Chan won the U1200 tournament with a perfect 4.0 points in four rounds and Roger Morin won the four-player PI/Houlton Open with 3.5 points.

Lois Morin (front left) plays Karen Gates, Craig Fournier (middle left) plays Cody Gates and Andy Chan (rear left) plays Justin Queen in round one of the 1st U1200 Houlton Open.

Thanks to Roger Morin for contributing to this report.
USCF Crosstable of the 1st U1200 Houlton Open

USCF Crosstable of the 2nd Presque Isle/Houlton Open

Andy Chan, although rated just USCF 226, beat all comers in the four-round Under 1200 Houlton Open. Second place went to Craig Fournier who scored 2.5 points and had a 876-point stronger rating than Chan. Lois Morin scored 2.0 points to take third.

In the two-day, four-round Presque Isle/Houlton Open Roger Morin took first scoring 3.5 points. Morin was followed by Richard Fontinha (2.0), Lance Beloungie (1.5) and Roger Hardison (1.0).

Roger Morin (left) vs Roger Hardison

Lance Beloungie (left) vs Richard Fontinha

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