John Bapst New Year's Tournament Report

01.03.11 Twenty-eight chess players competed in three sections at the 2011 edition of the John Bapst New Year's Tournament played at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor on Sunday, January 2nd. The tournament is a fundraiser for a possible trip to the high school national championships in the spring. Here's the illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstable and a very entertaining game played by two former high school rivals.

That's the back of up-and-coming dangerous player Ian Youth who tied for second in the U1200 section.

This tournament was organized by Andy Bryan, Mary Eyerer and Friends of John Bapst Chess and directed by Steve Wong.

In the open section, former John Bapst student, Fritz Eyerer took first place scoring three wins and a last round draw with Gabe Borland. Aaron Spencer finished in clear second with 3.0 points his only loss being to Eyerer in round two. University of Maine Professor Tom Sandford scored 2.5 points for clear third place. Gabe Borland, Maggie Bryan and John Ellison tied for the U1600 prize each scoring 2.0 points.

Corey Dunn topped the wall chart in the U1200 section with 3.5 points. Close on Dunn's heels were Ian Youth and Andy Turner with 3.0 points and J. Paul Ciarrocchi and Bethany Humphrey with 2.5 points.

The only perfect score of the day was posted by U600 player Brendan Penfold who scored 4.0 points in as many games. Second place in the U600 section was won by Brendan's brother Ben Penfold with 3.0 points. A four-way tie for third resulted between Michael Hayden, Alyssa Chesney, Philomena Mattes and Oskar Mattes with Chesney receiving the third place trophy on tie breaks.

USCF Crosstable of this event

Open section winner: Fritz Eyerer

Aaron Spencer finished clear second in the open section with 3.0 points.

Tom Sandford scored 2.5 points in a challenging field.

Gabe Borland

Gabe Borland (left) and Tom Sandford played an intense game in round 2...

Which was made even more intense by the clock situation. That's 18:13 for Borland and 14 seconds for Sandford. The game was eventually agreed drawn.

Maggie Bryan defeated Yuri Riabkov and John Ellison to score 2.0 points.

John Ellison scored 2.0 points to tie for top U1600 player in the open section with Gabe Borland and Maggie Bryan.

Yuri Riabkov

Captain of the John Bapst Ski Team: Kurt Eyerer

Andy Bryan was one of the organizers of this tournament (along with Mary Eyerer).

President of the Ellsworth Chess Club and patriarch of the Deer Isle - Stonington chess program: Dick Powell

Corey Dunn silenced his opposition scoring 3.5 points and winning first prize in the U1200 section.

Ian Youth tied for second in the U1200 section with...

Andy Turner

J. Paul Ciarrocchi scored 2.5 points to tie with...

Bethany Humphrey

Scoring 2.0 points: Hayden Ciomei and...

Deanna Power

David Bickford-Duane

Isaiah Fallon

Janelle Ciomei

Eric Youth

Perfect by all accounts! Brendan Penfold scored 4.0 points in four games to win the U600 section.

Ben Penfold scored 3.0 points for second place.

Michael Hayden tied for third in the U600 section with...

Alyssa Chesney

Philomena Mattes and

Oskar Mattes

This was John Lehman's first USCF-rated event.

Round three action in the open section. Fritz Eyerer (foreground left) plays Tom Sandford and Aaron Spencer (background left) plays Gabe Borland.

Dick Powell checks the standings between rounds.

This tournament was directed by long-time Maine TD Steve Wong. Wait a minute; Is that a t-shirt?

It certainly is!

The U1200 section

U600 winner Brendan Penfold receives his trophy from tournament organizer Andy Bryan (left) and tournament director Steve Wong.

Brother Ben collects his second place hardware.

Alyssa Chesney took the third place trophy on tiebreaks.

Riabkov (left) vs Bryan 1-0

Thanks to all who participated in kicking off the 2011 Maine chess season!

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