PVC League Meets at Orono High School

12.14.10 The first meeting of the Penobscot Valley Chess League for the 2010-2011 season occurred at Orono High School on December 11th, 2010. Three high school teams were fielded--Bangor, John Bapst and Orono--and players competed in a swiss-style tournament with a time control of game in thirty minutes. This report contains results, portraits of all participants and three selected games.

Orono High School chess team member Emma Sarrantonio considers her position in the season's first meeting of the Penobscot Valley Chess League at Orono High School on Monday, December 11th, 2010.

Thanks to Steve Abrahams for contributing to this report and to coaches John Dearing and Steve Abrahams for organizing and directing this event.

John Bapst won the match scoring (7-2) for a 78% win percentage. Bangor finished second scoring (7-4-1) and 64%, and Orono turned in a fine performance of (6-11-1) and 35% in strong competition.

Individual results were as follows:

1. Jiawei Zou (Orono): L2, L3, W6 (1-2)

2. Kellon (Bangor): W1, W4, W5 (3-0)

3. Maggie Bryan(John Bapst): W 4, W 1, Bye (3-0)

4. Zach Hamilton (Orono): L3, L2, W 12 (1-2)

5. Jacob Chubbock (Orono): L6, L11, L2 (0-3)

6. Joshua Audibert (Bangor): W5, W9, L1 (2-1)

7. Emma Sarrantonio (Orono): W8, L10, D8 (1-1-1)

8. Dylan Miquelon (Bangor): L7, L13, D7 (0-2-1)

9. Brandon Terra (Orono): W10, L6, L11 (1-2)

10. David Bickford-Duane (John Bapst): L9, W7, W13 (2-1)

11. Matt Spear (John Bapst): L12, W5, W9 (2-1)

12. Nathan Dee (Bangor): W11, Bye, L4 (2-1)

13. Brandon Crocker (Orono): Bye, W8, L10 (2-1)

Team members unable to attend were: Avery Cole (Orono High School), Kurt Eyerer (John Bapst High School), Deanna Power (John Bapst High School), Paul Rudnicki (John Bapst High School) and Keji Xu (Bangor High School).

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Jaiwei Zou, Orono High School

Kellon McDonnell, Bangor High School

Jason Chubbock, Orono High School

Joshua Audibert, Bangor High School

Zach Hamilton, Orono High School

Maggie Bryan, John Bapst High School

Dylan Miquelon, Bangor High School

Brandon Terra, Orono High School

David Bickford-Duane, John Bapst High School

Matthew Spear, John Bapst High School

Nathan Dee, Bangor High School

Brandon Crocker, Orono High School

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