Cape Elizabeth Winter Open and RBO Tournament Report Featuring our New Chess Game Viewer

12.10.10 Twenty players were on hand for the Cape Elizabeth Winter Open and RBO played at the historic Bowery Beach School House on December 5th, 2010. Phil Lowell and Matthew Fishbein tied for first place each scoring 3.5 points in four rounds. Daniel Brett took clear first in the RBO section also scoring 3.5 points. Here's the illustrated tournament report, USCF crosstable and two games presented on our new chess game viewer--let us know how you like it.

Thanks to the Lions Club and the Bowery Beach School House Association for hosting the Cape Elizabeth Winter Open and RBO.

Thanks to Peter Hatem and Phil Lowell for contributing to this report.

This event was organized and directed by *.

USCF Crosstable of this event

With two rounds in the can three players remained undefeated: Matthew Fishbein, Philip Lowell and Matthew Reale-Hatem.

The third round paired Fishbein v Lowell and Reale-Hatem v Brett Parker. Fishbein and Lowell played to a draw after an interesting Open Sicilian (see the game below) and Reale-Hatem moved into first place with a win over Parker.

First place was up for grabs on the top two boards in the final round: Reale-Hatem v Fishbein and Barry Magda v Lowell. Both Lowell and Fishbein won their games to tie for first with Reale-Hatem taking clear third with 3.0 points.

Barry Magda and Christopher Bonney tied for fourth with 2.0 points. Brett Parker and Benjamin Hansel shared sixth place with 1.5 points and Wesley Parker, Ethan Dininno and Jason Phelps finished the tournament with 1.0 point apiece.

In the Rated Beginners Open section, Daniel Brett scored 3.5 points to take clear first. Brett was trailed by Ian Youth and his brother Brian Brett who tied for second with 3.0 points.

Following the leaders in the RBO were Ian McInerney (2.5), Daniel Keliher, Colin Smith and Eric Youth (2.0), Eli Penza-Clyve and Jared Randall (1.0).

Tournament Co-champion Phil Lowell plays Brett Parker in the first round.

The other Co-champion, Matthew Fishbein, deals with the black side of a Trompowsky.

Third place finisher Matthew Reale-Hatem (right) creates some waves (literally) for Ben Hansel.

Barry Magda scored 2.0 points to tie for fourth with William Bonney.

Brett Parker (left) here playing Phil Lowell tied for sixth with Ben Hansel.

Wesley Parker playing the c3 Sicilian.

RBO Winner Danny Brett (left) plays brother Brian (who tied for second in the RBO section) in round one.

Ian Youth (right) here playing Jared Randall tied for second in the RBO section.

Eric Youth (left) plays Colin Smith

Ian McInerney (right) and Daniel Keliher play to a draw in round one.

Thanks again to the Lions Club for their support of the Bowery Beach School House and to all who volunteered and participated in this event.


Very Slick

Crisp movement plus I like the display of pieces captured with the material count showing.

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