6th Presque Isle Open Tournament Report

09.24.10 The 6th Presque Isle Open was played on August 18th at the Presque Isle Library. Seven players competed in this four-round, G/60 tournament with Roger Morin taking clear first with 4.0 points.

The 6th Presque Isle Open underway at the Presque Isle Library (left to right) Roger Hardison vs Roger Peterson, Lance Beloungie (on laptop), Ray Haines and Roger Morin.

Thanks to Roger Morin for contributing to this report.

Following Morin's first place performance were Ray Haines (2.0 points), Roger Peterson, Lance Beloungie and Lois Morin (1.0 point) and Roger Hardison and James Francomano (scoreless).

USCF crosstable of this event

Assistant Tournament Director Lois Morin (right) plays James Francomano.

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