Ellsworth Chess Club Holds George O'Rourke Memorial Tournament

09.10.10 On Aug. 19, the Ellsworth Chess Club sponsored the third annual George O'Rourke Memorial Chess Tournament to remember a longtime summer resident of Surry, George O'Rourke.

George O'Rourke July 29, 1929 - February 26, 2007

The following article appeared in the Ellsworth American on August 23, 2010.

O'Rourke lived in Concord, Mass., where he was employed doing computer research until he passed away in 2007. His widow, Jeannette O'Rourke, donated two of his chess books as prizes for the tournament, which was held in a G/10 format.

In the Student Division, Maggie Bryan of Holden defeated Paul Wlodkowski Jr. of Washington, D.C., to take first place. Isaiah Fallon of Ellsworth was third while Gus LaCasse of Trenton took fourth place. In the Adult Division, Maine Maritime professor Paul Wlodkowski Sr. of Ellsworth came out on top, besting Airline Community School chess coach Andy Bryan in the finals. Third place went to Matt Hall of Trenton while Lamoine School chess coach Peter Goebel captured fourth place.

The club also held a blind draw tournament recently, with 11 players taking part.

Everyone drew a partner without knowing who he or she was. Then everyone kept track of his or her win total during the entire two hours of club play. At the end of the evening the partnerships were revealed and the two players scores were added together to determine the final results.

Taking first place was the local team of Paul Wlodkowski Sr. of Ellsworth and his partner Gus LaCasse of Trenton, who totaled seven points. With four wins, LaCasse was also the top individual scorer of the evening.

Finishing second with six points was the Wlodkowski family team of Paul Wlodkowski Jr. and Roman Wlodkowski from Washington, D.C., and Ellsworth respectively.

Placing third was the "high school team" consisting of Andy Turner of Deer Isle and Isaiah Fallon of Ellsworth. They finished with five and a half points.

The club meets at Mr. Paperback in Ellsworth every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. Sets, boards and clocks are provided.

Call Dick Powell at 667-3507 for further information.


I can't go to all tournaments in the Ellsworth area, but would like the opportunity to attend if I know about them. Please advertise these in advance. Roger Morin

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