ChessMaine Visits The House of Staunton

06.03.10 Housed in a nondescript office park in rural Alabama, The House of Staunton and USCF Sales steadfastly go about providing chess enthusiasts around the world with the very best quality chess equipment, books and accessories. We paid a visit and House of Staunton employee Jennifer McClure was kind enough to show us around.

On the floor in the House of Staunton Warehouse in Madison, Alabama.

The House of Staunton manufactures and distributes arguably the finest chess equipment available anywhere. Their website offers a stunning array of heirloom pieces and boards as well as clocks, boxes and tournament supplies.

Click here to visit The House of Staunton online.

Handcrafted in Russia and custom made for a House of Staunton customer, this set is crafted from 40,000 year-old Mammoth Ivory. The white pieces are naturally colored; the black pieces are stained jet black.

Chess books galore!

A chess reader's nirvana! Thousands of titles are stocked and ready to ship.

The House of Staunton set the standard for including an extra pair of queens in their chess sets. These six-inch ebony and boxwood queens are awaiting packaging and shipment.

In addition to their line of heirloom-quality sets, the House of Staunton also offers many handsome tournament sets for everyday use.

One of the many display cases in the showroom.

Hand-carved knights from an exquisite set

Our host for the tour: Jennifer McClure

Antique books on display in the showroom

House of Staunton President and CEO Shawn Sullivan (left) receives a coveted t-shirt from web editor Dan DeLuca.

Unless you were looking for it the House of Staunton Headquarters would be difficult to stumble over.

A street view of the House of Staunton/USCF Sales facility


Being a native Alabamian, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that House of Staunton and the US Chess Fed sales dept are both located in Madison, AL; I have always been a fan of the aesthetic and artistic quality of a fine chess set and knowing that my dollars are staying in-state makes me want to do business with HOS even more!

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

I, too, own several House of Staunton sets and boards. Beautiful stuff, even the less expensive sets. Now, if only my play was as good as my equipment.... (sigh)

Since I enjoy owning and playing with several of the HOS sets, I appreciate this article as it only increases my interest in obtaining more. I recommend them to anyone wanting top quality and great service.

Thanks for bringing this information to our attention. Very interesting as I particularly order chess stuff from the House of Staunton. It gives it a more personal feeling now. Roger

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