Elementary Nationals Final Report

5.10.10 Another National Elementary Championship is in the history books. The Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners took home three trophies: 14th Place in the K-6 U1000 Teams, 15th Place in the K-6 Unrated Teams and Krisford Melanio, Maine's highest scoring player, received a 25th place individual trophy in the K-6 U1000 section.

Krisford Melanio holds up his team's sign at the awards ceremony for 2010 National Elementary Championships at the Haytt Regency in Atlanta.

Maine players competed in three sections in this tournament: K-6 U1000, K-5 U900 and K-6 Unrated. After Day 3 and seven rounds the results are as follows:

K-6 U1000

Soozin Cha 2.5
Bethany Humphrey 4.0
Ennis Marshall 0.0
Krisford Melanio 5.0
Elliott Nevells 1.0
Mason Oliver 2.0
Brendan Penfold 2.0
Tyson Rice 2.0

K-5 Under 900
Max DeLuca Lowell 2.5

K-6 Unrated
Isaac Vaughn 4.0
Orly Vaughn 4.0

USCF Crosstable of this event

After a somewhat slow start (5.0 points in the first three rounds) the Deer Isle-Stonington K-6 U1000 team finished strong scoring 5.0 points in the final round of the National Elementary Championships to claim 14th place. The K-6 Unrated team, consisting of only two players (Orly and Isaac Vaughn) out of a possible four, scored 8.0 points and received the 15th place trophy. Maine's highest scoring player, Krisford Melanio, received a 25th place individual trophy in the K-6 U1000 section.

Most of the games were long, intense battles. Case in point: Bethany Humphrey sat at the board for over five-and-a-half hours for her last two games resulting in one win and one loss. Competition was fierce and each game was challenging.

Congratulations to all the Maine players and thanks to coaches Dick Powell and Isaac Marnik, parents and the Deer Isle-Stonington Chess Boosters for supporting scholastic chess in Maine and this trip to Atlanta.

Players preparing for their final round games: Elliott Nevells

Bethany Humphrey

Krisford Melanio

Ennis Marshall

Tyson Rice

Brendan Penfold

Soozin Cha

Mason Oliver

Orly Vaughn

Isaac Vaughn

Max DeLuca Lowell

And the final round begins!

The press table at a Lakers game? No, it's the parent gallery at the National Elementary Championships.

Each player received a commemorative medal.

For parents, the Nationals often means long hours of tense waiting.

These players were furiously discussing their recently-completed game without the benefit of a board and pieces.

K-1 players having some fun before their games begin.

The press were out in force for the last round.

At the end of each round, coaches review games with players and search for ideas.

Isaac Marnik offers Ennis Marshall some pointers.

Max DeLuca Lowell (left) and Krisford Melanio replay a game on a MonRoi Personal Chess Manager.

USCF Executive Director Bill Hall kicks off the awards ceremony.

Chief Tournament Director Francisco Guadalupe presents Krisford Melanio and the Deer Isle-Stonington K-6 U1000 team with their 14th place trophy.

The Deer Isle-Stonington K-6 U1000 14th Place Team with Orly Vaughn (left to right standing): Krisford Melanio, Elliott Nevells, Mason Oliver, Soozin Cha, Bethany Humphrey, (front row left to right): Tyson Rice, Ennis Marshall, Brendan Penfold and Orly Vaughn

The Deer Isle-Stonington K-6 Unrated 15th Place Team: Isaac and Orly Vaughn

The awards ceremony can get long so what better way to pass some time than with a little chess.

The mass exodus begins!

The facility was outstanding and we look forward to future Nationals at the Hyatt Atlanta.

Chess has been described as a game, a sport, an art and a science. Former World Champion Lasker considered it, above all, a struggle as this sculpture outside the playing hall suggests.


CONGRATS!!! The Island is VERY proud of you all :o)

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