4th Presque Isle Open Tournament Report

05.04.10 Six players were on hand for the 4th Presque Isle Open played in Presque Isle on May 1, 2010. Roger Morin topped the crosstable with 3.5 points drawing with second place finisher Ray Haines in the last round. The previously scheduled PI Open for July has been rescheduled for September. See the ChessMaine.net Events page for more information.

Players in the 4th Presque Isle Open (left to right): Roger Morin, Roger Hardison, Ray Haines, Richard Fontinha and Lance Beloungie. The sixth player, Thomas Buckingham, is not pictured.

USCF Crosstable of this event

Tournament winner Roger Morin (right) plays Roger Hardison in round three.

Lance Beloungie (left) takes on Richard Fontinha.

Tournament Director Lois Morin

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