Third Presque Isle Open Tournament Report

03.18.10 The Third Presque Isle Open chess tournament, hosted by the Houlton Chess Club and attracting nine players, was played on March 6, 2010. Roger Morin won the tournament scoring 4.0 points in as many games.

Tournament winner, Roger Morin (left), plays Roger Hardison in round one of the Third Presque Isle Open tournament.

Roger Morin knotched another tournament first by winning all four of his games at the Third Presque Isle Open. Lance Beloungie and Roger Hardison trailed Morin with 3.0 points, Ray Haines and Lois Morin scored 2.0 points, Richard Fontinha, Donald Cassidy and James Francomano posted 1.0 point and Brock Cassidy went scoreless.

USCF Crosstable of this event

Lance Beloungie (foreground left) plays Brock Cassidy while Ray Haines (background left) takes on Brock's dad, Donald Cassidy, in round one action.

Round three gets underway. James Francomano (foreground left) vs Brock Cassidy and Lance Beloungie (background left) vs Donald Cassidy.

Lois Morin (left) plays Richard Fontinha.

Assistant Tournament Director Lois Morin at the controls.

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