Three Tie for First at 2nd Presque Isle Open

01.28.10 Roger Morin, Roger Hardison and Joshua Burden each scored 3.0 points to tie for first at the 2nd Annual Presque Isle Open played at the Turner Memorial Library in Presque Isle on January 16, 2010. Here's the illustrated tournament report and USCF crosstable.

Turner Memorial Library at the University of Maine Presque Isle: site of the 2nd Annual Presque Isle Open

Following Morin (2008), Hardison (1541) and Burden (1193) in the four round, ten-player tournament were Lance Belongie (1697) with 2.5 points, Stephen Burden (unr), Jacob Atcheson (501) and Lois Morin (574) with 2.0 points, Richard Fontinha (1798) with 1.5 points, Hongtan Wu (204) with 1.0 point and Andy Chan (unr) scoreless.

2nd Presque Isle Open Tournament Crosstable

Roger Morin (left) plays Jacob Atcheson in round one.

Roger Hardison (right) faces off vs. Stephen Burden

The only player to go unbeaten (2 wins and 2 draws) Joshua Burden (left) on the move vs. Andy Chan.

Lance Beloungie (foreground left) deep in though in his gave vs. Hongtan Wu.

Lois Morin vs. Richard Fontinha

Assistant Tournament Director Lois Morin works on pairing the next round.

Thanks to all who participated and hope to see you at next year's Presque Isle Open.


Lois and I are planning a tournament every other month in Presque Isle. The next one should be in March. Stay tuned for more info coming shortly after the Millinocket Open on the 6th of Febuary. Roger

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