Barry Magda Wins 11th Annual Stillwater Montessori MLK Tournament

01.23.10 With an unbeaten and untied score of 4.0 points, Barry Magda topped the crosstable at the 11th Annual Stillwater Montessori MLK Tournament played in Old Town on January 18, 2010. Zachary Hamilton and John Kenneway tied for first in the K-8 section and Michael Hayden won the non-rated K-6 section.

Barry Magda on his way to a perfect score at the Stillwater Montessori MLK Tournament.

Defeating the second, third, fourth and eighth players on the crosstable, Barry Magda put up a perfect 4.0 points in as many games. Following Magda were Steve Abrahams and Aaron Spencer tieing for second with 3.0 points and Ed Hatch and Yuri Riabkov each scoring 2.5 points.

In the K-8 section Zachary Hamilton and John Kenneway scored 3.5 points to tie for first place, their only draws being with each other in round three. Langdon Holly took clear third with 3.0 points followed by Oliver Sheehan and Stuart MacKay with 2.5 points.

Michael Hayden blanked his opposition with 4.0 points in four games in the non-rated K-6 section and received a one year membership to the United States Chess Federation for his efforts. Trailing Hayden with 3.0 points were Catherine Rudnicki and Jonathan Kish.

In all, thirty-six players participated in the three section, four round tournament. This event was organized by Joe Alex and directed by Dan DeLuca and Andy Bryan.

Stillwater Montessori MLK Tournament Crosstable

Orono High School Chess Coach Steve Abrahams finished equal second scoring 3.0 points with...

...Aaron Spencer.

Ed Hatch scored two wins and a draw to tie for fourth/fifth place with...

...Yuri Riabkov.

Orono Middle School Chess Coach Ryan Tripp

Josh Shulman

Andrew Audibert tied with his brother...

...Josh Audibert (left) who took first in the K-12 section (which was merged with the open) ahead of Haley DeLuca Lowell (right).

That's Henry Chai focusing on his game.

Curt Brock during the last few seconds of his third round game vs. Aaron Spencer.

Dick Powell

Tournament organizer Joe Alex watches the game Ryan Vienneau (right) vs. John Audibert.

This will be high school senior Ryan Vienneau's last year in the state championships.

Glenburn's Zachary Hamilton came equal first in the K-8 section with..

...former Stillwater Montessori student John Kenneway.

Langdon Holly scored 2.5 points in the K-8 section tieing for third/fourth with...

...Oliver Sheehan.

One to watch: Ritvik Kumaran

Bridger Holly

Stillwater Montessori's own Hope Gross

Zachary Grindal

Sam Keefe contemplates the knight fork on c7.

Gabe Gervais on the move.

Adrianna Keefe rounded out the K-8 crosstable.

Winners in the K-8 section (left to right): Oliver Sheehan (equal fourth), Stuart MacKay (equal fourth), Langdon Holly (third), John Kenneway (equal first) and Zachary Hamilton (equal first).

Winners in the K-6 non-rated section (left to right): Jonathan Kish (equal second), Catherine Rudnicki (equal second) and Michael Hayden (first).

Eamon Laskey

Liam Farrell

Ryan McCauley scored 2.0 points in this his first tournament.

Eveyln Domsala

Natalie Sheehan

Four out of the ten players in the K-6 section were girls. Here Jayden Keefe makes a move in her first round games vs. Eveyln Domsala.

Thanks to Al Duplessis, all the volunteers, parents and players. We hope to see you back at the 12th Annual Stillwater Montessori MLK Chess Tournament!


Congratulations Barry and Steve and welcome to the 1800 club. You both fully deserve it with your hard work. Roger

Congrats Barry. Nice job. Steve Morgan

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