Aurora Winter Solstice Tournament Report

12.13.09 Thirty-seven players turned out on a clear and cold pre-winter day for the 5th Annual Aurora Winter Solstice Chess Tournament held at the Airline Community School in Aurora. Roger Morin took first in the open section with a perfect 3.0 points, John Xiang topped the U1000 section with 3.5 points and newcomer Ian Youth of Scarborough went unbeaten and untied in the U600 section scoring 4.0 points.

Ian Youth, winner of the Under 600 section at the Aurora Winter Solstice Chess Tournament, contemplates his position.

Roger Morin continued to play winning chess and took first in the three-round open section by defeating William Burtt, Yuri Riabkov and Matthew Fishbein in succession. Morin was followed by a group of five: Matthew Fishbein, Maggie Bryan, Brett Parker, Matthew Reale-Hatem and Aaron Spencer, all tieing for second place with 2.0 points. William Burtt scored 1.5 points followed by Wesley Parker, Yuri Riabkov and John Ellison with 1.0, Anna Bryan with 0.5 and Kurt Eyerer rounded out the crosstable.

John Ellison took first and Anna Bryan second in the U1400 section which was merged with the open.

Many interesting games were played in the Under 1000 section. When the dust cleared John Xiang of Scarborough came out on top with 3.5 points. Haley DeLuca Lowell, Daniel Fishbein and Deanna Power tied for second place with 3.0 points--DeLuca Lowell and Power both going unbeaten with two wins and two draws apiece. Nicholas Shedd, Mark Parker and Lois Morin each scored 2.0 points. Bethany Humphrey, Jacob Neal and Vincent DeMarco each put up a win and a draw for 1.5 points. Andrew Jones scored 1.0 point and the K-3 State Co-Champion Max DeLuca Lowell had a tough day rounding out the crosstable scoreless.

Newcomer Ian Youth from Cape Elizabeth started in style scoring 4.0 points in his first USCF-rated tournament. Youth took down some experienced players on his way to first place including: Laura Whitney, Isaiah Massey, Ritvik Kumaran and Austin Burtt. We will look forward to hearing more from this young man in the future. Tied for second in the U600 section were: Ritvik Kumaran, Isaiah Massey and Adrianna Keefe. They were followed by a group of six players all scoring 2.0 points including: Sam Keefe, Austin Burtt, Laura Whitney, Oliver Sheehan, Irene Neal and Olivia Reale-Hatem. Vetri Vel, Zachary Grindal and Natalie Sheehan posted 1.0 point each.

Prizes included cash, chess sets, boards, chess books and ribbons provided by Darrell Salisbury, Dan DeLuca and the Airline School. This tournament was organized and directed by Dan DeLuca and Andy Bryan. Thanks to all players, parents and volunteers for participating!

5th Annual Aurora Winter Solstice Crosstable

Tournament winner Roger Morin plays in the first round.

Cape Elizabeth phenom Matthew Fishbein rated USCF 1672.

MECA Vice President-elect Maggie Bryan

Brett Parker takes a birds-eye view.

Matthew Reale-Hatem does the same.

Aaron Spencer resigns his first round game to Wesley Parker. Spencer came back to win his next two games and tie for second place in the open section.

William Burtt

Wesley Parker on the move.

John Bapst chess coach Yuri Riabkov

U1400 section winner John Ellison

Anna Bryan

Kurt Eyerer

Stand and Deliver: Brett Parker (left) plays Matthew Fishbein in round 1.

Roger Morin (left) vs. Bill Burtt

Experience prevailed over youth in this match between Yuri Riabkov (left) and Anna Bryan.

Cape Elizabeth vs. Cape Elizabeth: Matthew Reale-Hatem (left) ponders his next move in his game vs. his teammate Wesley Parker.

The final position in the game Matthew Reale-Hatem vs. Wesley Parker. White played the unexpected Rc6 mate to end the game.

Coach and student: Yuri Riabkov (left) and Aaron Spencer chat between rounds.

The open section on stage at the Airline Community School.

Under 1000 section winner John Xiang from Scarborough

Tied for second in the U1000 section with 3.0 points: Haley DeLuca Lowell

Dan Fishbein demonstrating his all-encompassing focus on the 64 squares.

Also tieing for second in the U1000 section (with DeLuca Lowell and Fishbein): Deanna Power

Nicholas Shedd

Dad of two chess prodigies: Mark Parker

Lois Morin scored 2.0 points in this her fourth USCF-rated tournament.

Bethany Humphrey from the power house chess program at Deer Isle - Stonington Elementary School.

Airline Community School's own Jacob Neal

Who ever thought chess could be this much fun? Vincent DeNarco is all smiles during his game in the U1000 section.

Chessplayer, hunter and NRA member Andrew Jones

Max DeLuca Lowell (left) plays Lois Morin

John Xiang on the move vs. Nicholas Shedd in round 2.

Dr. Daniel Fishbein (left) vs. Dr. Mark Parker

A crowd gathered to watch the final moves of the game Haley DeLuca Lowell (left) vs. Mark Parker. Youth triumphed over experience in this one.

The couple that plays (chess) together stays together: Lois and Roger Morin

Maine Chess Association President-elect and Vice President-elect Andy and Maggie Bryan

Under 600 section winner Ian Youth blogs his results after sweeping the field with 4.0 points in four games.

Ritvik Kumaran is a picture of concentration in his first round game.

"All artists are not chessplayers but all chessplayers are artists" --Marcel Duchamp. Chessplayer and artist Isaiah Massey.

A piece of Isaiah's off-the-chessboard art

Irene Neal (left) makes a move in her game vs. Adrianna Keefe

Adrianna's brother and Yankees fan Sam Keefe

Austin Burtt scored 2.0 points and tied for fifth place in the U600 section.

Laura Whitney scored wins over Irene Neal and Zachary Grindal to finish with 2.0 points.

Playing in her first USCF-rated tournament: Natalie Sheehan

Newcomer Irene Neal scored 2.0 points in her first tournament.

Olivia Reale-Hatem made the trip up from Cape Elizabeth to participate.

Vetri Vel

Zachary Grindal

Olivia Reale-Hatem makes a move in her game vs. Natalie Sheehan

Ritvik Kumaran (right) plays Ian Youth in round three.

The Under 600 players (left to right): Ritvik Kumaran, Adrianna Keefe (kneeling), Laura Whitney, Sam Keefe, Ian Youth, Isaiah Massey (kneeling), Austin Burtt, Zachary Grindal, Olivia Reale-Hatem, Natalie Sheehan, Oliver Sheehan and Irene Neal (Vetri Vel is not pictured.)

Some of the delicious homemade baked goods offered at the tournament.

Parents get a little work done while their kids concentrate on chess.

Thanks to the kitchen crew: (left to right) Janelle Jones, Emily Lowell and Beth Bryan

In the skittles room Cody Jones (right) tries his luck vs. Irene Neal...

...and then tries his luck with a little virtual pinball.

Happy Holidays and we hope to see you next year at the Sixth Annual Aurora Winter Solstice Chess Tournament!


Dan & Andy;

My son, Austin, and I want to thank you and everyone involved in making this chess tournament fun to participate in. We both had a good time and the food was great!

We both look forward to making the trip next year.

Bill and Austin

Great photos!!!!

I frequently forward the tournament reports to my nephew's family in NH as he has a son and daughter who like chess. The many photos of players, young and not so young, are an inspiration to them and give an excellent view of the universal appeal of chess. Keep up the great reports.

Thank you for the wonderful review of the Fifth Annual Aurora Winter Solstice Chess Tournament! The summary and the tremendous display and variety of photographs were outstanding, and made me feel as if I was right in Aurora, on a cold winter weekend. Great job to the 'Kitchen Crew' as I am certain lots of hungry mouths were ready to be fed. I was particularly excited about seeing all of the home-baked goods that the good people of Maine provided. Keep up the good work on this great website!
Daryl DeLuca

Dan -- on behalf of the Cape Elizabeth contingent, thanks to all of you for a fabulous time. It's a great event and was a beautiful trip for us once again.

My wife and I enjoyed this event very much, we are already looking forward to next year. You guys do a WONDERFUL job running it. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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