MECA Online Election Results

12.08.09 Andy Bryan and Maggie Bryan have been elected President and Vice President of the Maine Chess Association by convincing margins. Uncontested candidates for Secretary, Lee Doucette and Treasurer, Andrey Savov, as well as four new Policy Board members: Steve Abrahams, John Malev, Roger Morin and Brian Roderick were also chosen.

With voter turnout topping fifty-seven percent of MECA membership, this election was clearly the most participated in MECA election in history. This statistic can only bode well for the future of Maine chess.

Before getting into the detailed election results we wish to thank the current Board of Directors (Phil Lowell, President; Jon Malev, Vice President; Lee Doucette, Secretary; and Ray Duval, Treasurer) and the current Policy Board (John Brady, Daniel DeLuca, Andrey Savov and Joseph Wrba) for all of their hard work and dedication on behalf of the Maine Chess Association and the Maine chess community. These volunteers donate their time, energy and resources to provide opportunities for students of the game across our great state--a heartfelt thank you to each of them.

A total of fifty ballots were received from a current MECA membership of eighty-seven. This equates to an impressive 57.5% voter turnout. Here are the results:

Board of Directors

Andy Bryan 35 votes, 70%
Akagi Kayashima 15 votes, 30%

Vice President
Maggie Bryan 31 votes, 62%
Jim DuBois 19 votes, 38%

Lee Doucette 48 votes, 96%

Andrey Savov 48 votes, 96%

Policy Board

Steve Abrahams 49 votes, 98%

Jon Malev 48 votes, 96%

Roger Morin 49 votes, 98%

Brian Roderick 49 votes, 98%

We wish the newly-elected Board of Directors and Policy Board congratulations and all the best in their tenures.

We will be adding a link on dedicated to correspondence from and to the Board of Directors and the Policy Board--watch for it.

Thanks to all the candidates and to all those who participated in the MECA Online Elections.


Congratulations to all and
particularly to you, Dan and
company for all you do and all
you are: Regards, Jon

wonderful let's try to get more tournaments going near Portland and the southern part of Maine and not have it happen all in Orono...

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