WCCF July Swiss Tournament Report

08.08.08 Todd Snyder (1931) won the WCCF July Swiss played in Houlton on July 19, 2008 with a perfect 4.0 points in as many rounds. Following Snyder were Roger Morin (1959) with 3.0 points and a group of four players with 2.0 points.

Tournament winner Todd Snyder (left) on the move vs. Ezra Briggs in the final round of the WCCF July Swiss.

Thanks to Alba Briggs and Roger Morin for contributing to this report.

Eight players were on hand for the first Washington County Chess Federation Tournament to be played outside Washington County. The First Congregational Church of Houlton (located in Aroostook County) was the venue for this four round Game in 60 event. Class A player Todd Snyder took first with a perfect score. In second was another Class A player, former state champion Roger Morin. Sharing 3rd through 6th place with 2.0 points were (in tie break order) 3rd: Hoty Briggs, 4th: Ezra Briggs, 5th: Jacob McGuffin and 6th: Arno Wirta. Audrey Zimmerman took 7th place and unrated Charles Parham rounded out the standings.

WCCF July Swiss Crosstable

The First Congregational Church of Houlton was the venue for the WCCF July Swiss.

Second place finisher Roger Morin (left) plays Jacob McGuffin in round 2.

The tournament's only female player: Audrey Zimmerman.

Audrey Zimmerman makes her move vs. Todd Snyder in round 2.

Jacob McGuffin

The WCCF July Swiss was directed by Alba Briggs.

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