The Long Lost Tournament

08.06.08 Lost in both time and cyberspace, the crosstable for a tournament that was played in Portland, Maine over 15 years ago has been unearthed by avid reader John Gaspar. The tournament was incorrectly entered into the USCF database as having taken place in Portland, Oregon rather than Portland, Maine and like a misplaced first class letter, has gone undetected all these years until now.

Long lost, the Harlow Daly Memorial Tournament played in Portland, Maine on December 12-13, 1992 has been found.

It was coming up on Christmas of 1992 when unrated John Gaspar sat down to play in his first USCF-rated tournament. A five round affair in two sections, The Harlow Daly Memorial took place in Portland, Maine was sponsored by the Portland Chess Club and was directed by C. Stuart Laughlin. Somewhere along the data entry communication lines wires were crossed and the tournament was entered as being played in Portland, Oregon. For over 15 years this tournament remained in limbo and was never recorded on the Maine Tournament Archive Project. Thanks to some keen detective work on Mr. Gaspar's part, this tournament has finally found its rightful place amongst tournaments played in the great state of Maine!

One clue we noticed after the fact is that on the USCF Event Summary heading above the crosstable the zip code 04103 appears.

The long lost Harlow Daly Memorial Crosstable

To learn more about the great Harlow B. Daly check out our ChessMaine Profiles: Remembering Harlow B. Daly


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