Denker Tournament of High School Champions Kicks Off

08.01.08 Former John Bapst Memorial High School student and Newburgh resident Fritz Eyerer will compete in this year's prestigious Denker Tournament of High School Champions which will be played August 2-5, 2008 concurrently with the U.S. Open in Dallas, Texas. Eyerer qualified for this tournament based on his performance at the Maine High School Championship tournament earlier this year.

Founder and supporter of the Denker Tournament of High School Champions: GM Arnold Denker.

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2008 Official Denker List

Alabama, Alex Weiner
Alaska, Matthew Parshall
Arizona, Benjamin A. Marmont
Arkansas, Christopher A. Adkins
California (Northern), Steven C. Zierk
California (Southern), Julian Landaw
Colorado, Richard Herbst
Connecticut, Harry Wheeler
Delaware, Andrew Shermeyer
District of Columbia, David Winton
Florida, Karel Gonzalez
Georgia, Damir Studen
Hawaii, Robert Lau
Idaho, Brett Riley
Illinois, Ilan Meerovich
Indiana, Jared Vibbert
Iowa , Dan Brashaw
Kansas, Christopher Purdy
Kentucky, Erik Patchell
Louisiana, Vincent Glorioso
Maine, Fritz Eyerer
Maryland, Scott Low
Massachusetts, Christopher M Williams
Michigan, Andrew Schilleman
Minnesota, Michael Yang
Missouri, Frank H. Smith
Nebraska, Albert Zhou
Nevada, Ryan Martin
New Hampshire
New Jersey, Victor Shen
New Mexico, John Raymond Flores
New York, Matt Perry
North Carolina, Jonathon McNeill
North Dakota
Ohio, Jonathan Hilton
Oklahoma, Jacob V Berger
Oregon, Daniel Gay
Pennsylvania, Daniel A Yeager
Rhode Island, Boris Colindres
South Carolina, Michael Lauria
South Dakota, Zachary Truelson
Tennessee, Philip Hinchman
Texas, Stanley Yang
Texas, Courtney Jamison
Utah, Tony X. Chen
Vermont, Haizhou Xu
Virginia, Joey Regalbuto
Washington, Ricky Selzler
West Virginia, Caleb Aites
Wisconsin, Chris Brown, Jr.

The Denker Tournament of High School Champions fields High School State Champions from across the United States. A six round Swiss-style tournament, the Denker is held at the same location as the U.S. Open.

The "Denker" is considered a prestigious event held in memory of Grandmaster Arnold Denker who helped found it and who helped support it financially for over 20 years. Scholarships totaling $2,200 are now awarded to the top five finishers, through the generosity of GM Denker's son, Mitchell, and the U.S. Chess Trust.

General Information


This event is open to the official and grade-eligible high school chess champion from each state affiliate(states with co-champions must use a tie breaker to decide the eligible player). Participants must be residents of the state they are representing. Only first Denker qualifier played in will be used. Players must be certified by their state affiliates using the entry form provided by the USCF.

Playing Schedule:

The 6-round Swiss and Denker Reception will consist of the following dates and times: Denker Reception 4 PM Saturday, August 2, 2008 (REQUIRED ATTENDANCE AND CHECK-IN). All participants are required to attend for photo session, awarding of Medallions and introduction of dignitaries.

Round 1-Saturday, August 2, 2008. Same time as evening round of US Open.
Round 2-Sunday, August 3, 2008- 11AM, Round 3-Same starting time as evening round of US Open.
Round 4-Monday, August 4, 2008- 11 AM. Round 5-Same starting time as evening round of US Open.
Round 6-Tuesday, August 5, 2008- 11 AM, Denker Awards Ceremony- 4 PM.

The time control will be 90 minutes per player with 30 second increment added per move. This is the approved FIDE time control.
This schedule is especially convenient, because it allows players an opportunity to participate in the U.S. Open webpage. This is possible because you can now enter the 6 day schedule with a bye in Round 1 or the 5 day schedule of the US Open.

Scholarship Details:

Academic Distinction Scholarship to the winner. The Denker Tournament of Champions is proud to announce that a 4 year scholarship will be awarded by the University of Texas, Dallas. The scholarship is valued at $68,000 for an out-of-state student. UTD has been a leader in the promotion of Scholastic Chess for many years. You can see their campus and chess program at the following locations: and

The U.S. Chess Trust will award $2200 in Scholarships (1st place: $800, 2nd place $500, 3rd place $300, 4th place $300 and 5th place $300). Scholarships are designated for college expenses and will be sent to winners only upon proof of college enrollment (copies of paid bills, or official letters, etc.) In some cases, prizes will be held in escrow pending receipt of paper documentation.
There will also be a $500 Ursula Foster scholarship awarded to the highest finisher who is under the age of 14 on the first day of the tournament. If no participant is under 14, then the scholarship will go to the under 15, etc.
The University of Texas at Dallas is the sponsor of the scholarship that will be given at the 2008 Denker Tournament of High School Champions this year.

Expense Money:

Through the generosity of Mitchell Denker, each participant will receive a minimum of $100 to help defray expenses, plus a share of the remaining funds after tournament expenses. Expense money will be paid in cash at the conclusion of the event. A proportion of a player's expense money will be withheld for each forfeited game. Players expelled from the tournament, or who withdraw without sufficient justification to the Tournament Director forfeit all expense money.

Travel & Accommodations:

Players are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Players sharing rooms should make their arrangements carefully, as neither the USCF nor the tournament are responsible for any consequences arising from such arrangements.


The Denker Tournament of High School Champions will begin on Saturday August 2, 2008 and end on Tuesday August 5, 2008. This event is run during our US OPEN which for this year begins on August 2 and ends on August 10, 2008.
The Westin Park Central
12720 Merit Drive
Dallas, TX 75251
$99 Chess Rate

Emergency Contact Information:

Each player must provide the Tournament Director with a phone number of a parent or other responsible adult in case of an emergency.
Contact information:
Dewain Barber, Chairman
524 S. Avenida Faro
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 998-5508
FAX (714) 998-1160

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