WCCF May Swiss Tournament Report

05.29.08 A three-way tie for first was the result at the Washington County Chess Federation May Swiss played on May 17, 2008 in Calais. On tiebreaks it was Roger Peterson (first), Fritz Eyerer (second) and Roger Morin (third) but all scored 3.0 points to share top honors.

Roger Peterson (right) and Fritz Eyerer talk about the possibilities after their third round game as Roger Morin looks on.
USCF Crosstable

Fritz Eyerer edged out Roger Morin in the second round but gave in to Roger Peterson in the third. Morin came back from his loss to Eyerer to take Peterson in the fourth. Andy Bryan took fourth with 2.5 points, and the three Briggses (Lily, Hoty and Ezra) tied with 2.0 points each. Maggie Bryan and Lily Briggs played a close game in the second round with an interesting rook ending. Bryan had an advantage but Briggs turned it around and was able to score the full point.

Roger Peterson (left) handed Fritz Eyerer his only loss in this tournament in Round 3.

Lily Briggs (left) and Margaret Bryan look over their second round game.

Round 4 gets underway. In the foreground, Andy Bryan (right) plays 1. d4 vs. Jacob McGuffin.

Jacob McGuffin pondering his opening.

Ezra Briggs (left) faces off against John Morton.

Roger Morin (right) has coffee to spare for his game vs. Roger Peterson.

Last round action: Hoty Briggs (foreground left) vs. Margaret Bryan and Fritz Eyerer (background left) vs. Lily Briggs

State Champions on the move! Scholastic Girls Champion for 2007 Lily Briggs (foreground) and Scholastic Girls Champion for 2006 Margaret Bryan move in sync.


Congratulations Fritz Eyerer for hitting 1800. Another milestone.

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