Peterson wins John Bapst New Year's

01.08.08 Roger Peterson started the chess year off right with a win at the John Bapst New Year's tournament on January 6, 2008 at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor, Maine. Maine's first USCF-rated tournament in 2008 drew forty-four players in four sections. Here is the intensely illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstables.

This last round win over Cullen Edes gave Roger Peterson (left) four points and clear first in the open section.

USCF Crosstable of this Event

Thanks to Steve Wong for contributing to this report.

Trailing Peterson in the open section Tom Sandford, Fritz Eyerer, Cullen Edes and Aaron Spencer all tied for second with three points. In the Under 1400 section Henry Chai and Keji Xu tied for first with three-and-a-half and were followed by a pack of five players who scored two points including John Ellison, Paul Rudnicki, Ryan Vienneau, John Morton and Kurt Eyerer. Conner Morey took clear first in the Under 1000 section with four points. Jiawei Zou and Reid Horton tied for second with three points. John Kenneway and Max DeLuca Lowell tied for first in the Under 600 section with Eli Spahn and Owen Leaden taking third and forth respectively.

UMaine Farmington freshman Murray Bridges (left) plays Roger Peterson in round one.

Storied Deer Isle-Stonington coach Dick Powell (center) plays John Bapst's Fritz Eyerer.

Hoty Briggs (left) vs. Tom Sandford

Cullen Edes (right) tussles with Hampden Academy chess coach Ben Johnson.

Andrew Galley preparing to play Roger Peterson in round two.

Aaron Spencer (left) vs. Hoty Briggs.

Mike Dudley (right) contemplates his position with Cullen Edes.

Bill Gallagher (left) plays Dick Powell in round two.

Orono High School chess coach Fred Irons (left) takes on Mike Dudley.

John Morton (right) presses the clock in his game vs. Paul Rudnicki in the U1400 section.

Bangor High School student Henry Chai tied for first in the Under 1400 section with teammate Keji Xu.

Paul Rudnicki tied for third in the Under 1400 section.

John Ellison (right) makes a move in his game vs. Kurt Eyerer. Ellison and Eyerer tied for third in the Under 1400 section with two points.

Sam Grindle

Winners in the Under 1400 section (left to right): Kurt Eyerer (tied third), Ryan Vienneau (tied third), Paul Rudnicki (tied third), Henry Chai (tied first), Keji Xu (tied first). John Morton and John Ellison who also tied for third are not pictured.

Conner Morey won the Under 1000 section with a perfect 4-0.

A mate in two is coming for Haley DeLuca Lowell: 1...Qxh3+ 2. Kg1 Nf6 mate.

George Spahn

Ezra Briggs

Arno Wirta

Winners in the Under 1000 section (left to right): Reid Horton (tied for second), Jiawei Zou (tied for second) and Conner Morey (1st).

In the Under 600 section, John Kenneway (right) here playing Eli Spahn, tied for first with

Max DeLuca Lowell (left) who is playing Owen Leaden.

Winners in the Under 600 section (left to right) Owen Leaden (forth), John Kenneway (tied first), Eli Spahn (third) and Max DeLuca Lowell (tied first).

Tournament Director Steve Wong (left) and Bob Solinger discuss results.

The concession stand gets some business: Friends of John Bapst Chess Andy Bryan and Mary Eyerer take care of a customer.

A John Bapst New Year's tradition: Rosemary Smith's chess cookies.

What do chess parents do while their kids are playing? Catch up on some work or maybe a few crossword puzzles.

Thanks to all who made the John Bapst New Year's tournament a great success.


This was a very good tournament!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and the kids were great! Health permitting I hope to go to the next tournament in Old Town this month. Good luck to all and God Bless.

Roger Peterson

Thanks for the wonderful newsletter...I plan to go to the next tournament here in southern Maine....


Congratulations to all the players. They're all winners. What a wonderful turnout. I hope to play in this area in the future. Roger Morin

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