Maine Intercollegiate Chess League Match 2

01.07.08 The second Maine Intercollegiate Chess League Tournament, took place on Monday, December 10, 2007 in Castine, Maine at the Maine Maritime Academy campus. The final tally was the University of Maine (8) and Maine Maritime Academy (2) which gives UMaine a 2-0 lead in match play thus far. The time control was 20 moves in 30 minutes for one point or players could agree to play at G/60 for a total of two points. Due to a higher number of MMA players present, UMaine's team played multiple rounds.

Thanks to Paul Wlodkowski for contributing to this report.

UMaine's Dan Hayes (left) took it to Ken Brown in both games and scored two points.

John Logus (left) scored two points for MMA with this G/60 victory over Brian Chick.

Dan Robbins (left) vs. Ben Amaral


MMA UMaine Round 1 Round 2
K. Brown D. Hayes 0-1 0-1
J. Logus B. Chick 2-0 n/a
B. Amaral D. Robbins 0-1 0-1
C. Byrnes D. Robbins 0-1 n/a
J. Henderson M. Chen 0-1 0-1
S. Murray M. Chen 0-1 n/a

We are looking forward to a Spring 2008 tournament which will include a number of Maine's colleges.

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