The Maine Intercollegiate Chess League

11.16.07 Chess teams from the University of Maine, Orono and Maine Maritime Academy played their first match on Thursday, November 15, 2007 in the newly-minted Maine Intercollegiate Chess League. The pilot match, played at the University of Maine's Nutting Hall, is the first in a series of chess competitions that will include UMaine, Maine Maritime, Bates College, Unity College and possibly others. This report includes: images from the match, crosstables and a selected game.

The UMaine chess team represented their mascot well with a 8-2 victory over Maine Maritime Academy in the first match of the new Maine Intercollegiate Chess League.

Thanks to Paul Wlodkowski and Tom Sandford for contributing to this report and for their work in establishing the Maine Intercollegiate Chess League.

Crosstable of this event

Maine Maritime Academy - University of Maine, Orono Match
November 15, 2007
Nutting Hall
University of Maine, Orono

Daniel Bourgeois-Capozzi - Justin Henderson 1-0 Replay

UMaine, Orono champion, Daniel Bourgeois-Capozzi, makes a move in his game vs. MMA's Justin Henderson.

Dan Hayes (left) battles MMA's Ken Brown on board one in a tense struggle that ended in a draw with each player having a rook and three pawns on the board.

Chales Jones of UMaine (left) plays Houston Ross in round one on board five.

Maine Maritime Academy Chess Coach and Professor of Engineering, Paul Wlodkowski keeps a close eye on the board three match up: Ben Amaral (MMA) vs. Mike Chan (UMaine).

University of Maine Chess Coach and Professor of Engineering, Tom Sandford does the same.

This was one of the reasons why there was so much interest in game Amaral - Chan. Black is on the move and White has just played Kf1-g1. Notice the double Queen - King forks from the Knights on g6 and d2.

A better view of Amaral (right) vs. Chan.

Both players weigh their options on board two: Dan Robbins of UMaine (left) vs. John Logus.

Determination is evident on the face of MMA's Houston Ross (right) in his second round game vs. UMaine Chess Club president, Brian Chick.

Many of you may recognize the onlooker of this game. He's a Maine chessplayer, coach, and Professor of Physics at Maine Maritime Academy. Just to keep you in suspense, we placed the answer to our mystery observer question at the end of this report.

Nutting Hall is the home of the University of Maine's Forestry Program. In the lobby of Nutting there are a variety of artworks and natural history displays including this sculpture paying homage to the history of forestry.

Chess anyone?

The wood sculpture Genesis by William Muir

The artwork extends outside Nutting Hall as well.

The mystery observer is none other than Mike Schaab.

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