Orono blanks Hampden, Bangor beats Bapst in PVC Match 4

11.27.07 Fielding ten boards, Orono High School plowed through Hampden Academy with the remarkable score of 20-0. Not a single loss or draw in twenty games! Meanwhile, Bangor High School surged passed John Bapst with a 9-5 victory to take control of second place behind Orono. Current match point standings are as follows: Orono 8, Bangor 5, John Bapst 3, Hampden 0. Here's images, crosstables, games and the skinny on what went down at PVC Match 4.

Banners hang outside the Bangor High School Library, the site of the fourth match in the
PVC League 2007 - 2008 season.

Thanks to all the PVC League coaches for contributing this report.

You'll find Team Standings on sheet 1, Match Results on sheet 2 and Individual Standings on sheet 3 on the Individual and Team Results page in Microsoft Excel. If you don't have Excel you can download a free version of Excel Viewer here.

Here are the results in .pdf format.

Again, we have chosen two Games of the Week. The first game between Fritz Eyerer of John Bapst and Henry Chai of Bangor is an official miniature. Traditionally, a miniature is a game that is decided either by checkmate or resignation in twenty moves or less. In our case it's nineteen moves. The second game is a good lesson in persistence. White (Emmet Harrity of Orono) drops a piece early but doesn't throw in the towel. Instead, he holds on and poses his opponent (Nick Dunn of Hampden Academy) some problems. In one move during intense time pressure: 33...Bxb5, Black's positional evaluation (according to Fritz 9) goes from +1.66 to -4.71. After that, White queens and it's Black who throws in the towel.

Fritz Eyerer (John Bapst) - Henry Chai (Bangor) 1-0
PVC League Match 4
November 26, 2007
PVC 2007 - 2008 Match 4 Game One of the Week

Emmet Harrity (Orono) - Nick Dunn (Hampden Academy) 1-0
PVC League Match 4
November 26, 2007
PVC 2007 - 2008 Match 4 Game Two of the Week

Orono High School coach Fred Irons records the results of Tao Mason (right) vs Germaine Kickert (0 - 1).

Players enjoyed outstanding playing conditions at Bangor High. Here the table and lighting rival that of an international tournament. That's Jesse Lancaster (left) playing Jaime VerLe in round two.

Orono player Nikolai Renedo goes over his game with current Maine High School Champion, Cullen Edes.

Emmet Harrity of Orono (left) plays Nick Dunn of Hampden Academy while Grant Aylward notates in what would be one of the Games of the Week.

Shashank Samala (left) vs. Daniel Honeycutt

Bangor's Keji Xu is now 7-1 after his loss to Zach Smith of Bapst.

Henry Chai of Bangor managed to take one from Fritz Eyerer in the first round. Eyerer came back in round two and the result is our Game One of the Week.

What's all the commotion?

This explains it: working out the intracacies of the two bishop checkmate.

Cullen Edes watches a two-minute lightning game betweeen Germaine Kickert and Max Winter.

That's right, two minutes each for the entire game. Notice the ghost of Max's hand (top right) retracting after hitting the clock at supersonic speed. In the end, Kickert gave checkmate with 0:02 seconds left on her clock. Oh, the madness!

The Search by Clark Fitz-Gerald is on display at the entrance to Bangor High School.

Watch for our next report from Hampdem Academy on Monday, December 3rd.

The 2007 - 2008 Penobscot Valley Conference High School Chess League Schedule

Each player will play two games, one with each color. Board one for the home team will play the white pieces with colors alternating through board numbers. Time control is Game in 45 and all games will begin at 3:00 p.m.

Monday, October 29th @ Hampden Academy
Monday, November 5th @ John Bapst Memorial High School
Monday, November 19th @ Orono High School
Monday, November 26th @ Bangor High School
Monday, December 3rd @ Hampden Academy
Monday, December 17th @ John Bapst Memorial High School
Monday, January 7th @ Orono High School
Monday, January 14th @ Bangor High School
Monday, January 28th @ Hampden Academy
Saturday, February 2nd PVC Tournament @ John Bapst Memorial High School
Saturday, February, 9th Snow Date for PVC Tournament @ John Bapst Memorial High School

Bangor High School

Hampden Academy

John Bapst Memorial High School

Orono High School

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