Maine scholastic players in USCF top 100 lists

10.04.07 Three Maine scholastic players are firmly entrenched in the October 2007 USCF top 100 players in the nation lists based on age. Lucas McCain (1808) is the fifty-sixth strongest fifteen-year-old in the U.S., Cullen Edes (1783) the eighty-sixth strongest eighteen-year-old and Matthew Fishbein (1337) the sixty-second strongest nine-year-old. ChessMaine salutes the accomplishments of these wicked good Maine players--Ayuh!

Lucas McCain's meteoric rise has taken him up 502 rating points in 587 days

Cullen Edes is currently at his peak rating of USCF 1783.

Matthew Fishbein will also register his peak rating in the next rating cycle: USCF 1369.

USCF Top Age 18 List

USCF Top Age 15 List

USCF Top Age 9 List

We congratulate these players, wish them the best and hope they continue to (as Tony Rook would say) "keep on checkin'."


I have played against Matthew Fishbein several times and to this day have not been able to win a game...
marvelous player....congratulations on his standing in the country...

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