GM Leonid Kritz wins New England Masters

08.22.07 GM Leonid Kritz scored seven points in nine rounds to win this year's New England Masters played at the Holiday Inn Boston-Peabody August 13-17, 2007. Following GM Kritz a half point back were GM Alexander Shabalov and IM Dean Ippolito. IM Robert Hess scored six points to take clear forth and IM Josh Friedel and FM Ray Robinson tied for fifth with five and a half.

GM Leonid Kritz: winner of this year's New England Masters

Crosstable of this event

There were two norm performances: IM Ippolito had a GM norm performance and FM James Critelli had an IM norm performance. However, FIDE rules require no more than 60% of a player's opponents can come from that player's chess federation. That was not the case, hence no GM or IM norms were earned. Robinson and Enkin were just one half point away from an IM performance.

For everything you wanted to know (and probably more than you wanted to know) about norms and titles check out FIDE's requirements for titles.

New England Masters Chess Tournament
August 13-17, 2007
Peabody (Boston), Massachusetts, USA

Visit the official site of the New England Masters for more information.

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