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01.23.07 The Portland Chess Club will be hosting two ongoing tournaments beginning Friday, February 2, 2007 and continuing into the spring: the Friday Winter Swiss and the celebrated Portland Chess Club Ladder Championship. Both tournaments will be played at a time control of Game in 90. Thanks to Lee Doucette for directing these tournaments and for providing the details.

There will be tournament action resuming at our Friday evening chess club meetings. I'll be directing 2 tournaments to run simultaneously as follows:

Friday Winter Swiss - starting Fri, Feb 2 => Mar 30 (currently have 8 entries)
USCF rated, 3 rounds, game/90, entry fee $5, 1st prize = 1/2 total entries, 2nd prize = 1/4 total entries
3 weeks to complete each game (rd 1 = Feb 16, rd 2 = Mar 9, rd 3 = Mar 30)
Games may be played at mutually agreed location if unable to make it to a club meeting, but this limits your appeal to the tournament director for rulings.

Starting Fri, Feb 2 => May 25 if necessary (currently have 10 entries)
round robin, game/90, entry fee $1, prize fund determined by total entries (it won't be big)
This is an unrated tournament (USCF rules apply) for any club player, with seeding based on ladder points (see me at the club for an explanation and your ladder rating). The idea here is to get to play as many other club players as possible for club bragging rights.

I hope you can participate in one or both of these club events.

Lee Doucette
Treasurer, Portland Chess Club

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