Matthew Fishbein's Games at the Maine Rating Floor Open

Maine Rating Floor Open U1625
South Portland, Maine
October 21, 2006

Round 1
Matthew Fishbein (1018) - Frank DiRenzo (1495) 1-0
In this game, Matthew first goes up a minor piece then a rook against the 2006 Downeast Open U1600 Champion, Frank DiRenzo.
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Round 2
Robert Clawson (1600) - Matthew Fishbein (1018) 1/2
After White's tenth move in this game, Fritz gives Black a 2.88 pawn advantage. Thinking he was worse, Matthew offers a draw which his opponent readily accepts.
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Round 3
Matthew Fishbein (1018) - David Rice (1517) 1-0
White wins a pawn on move eleven but gives it back on move tewnty-three. Black drops a pawn on move forty and in a rook vs rook and pawn ending oversteps the time limit.
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Round 4
Matthew Fishbein (1018) - Matthew Colson (1250) 1-0
Black makes an error in the opening that costs him a bishop. Matthew keeps the pressure on throughout the game and ends with a lovely tactical flourish.
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