Eastern Maine Open Tournament Report

11.02.06 Ghezai Menelik, Barry Magda and Andrey Savov each scored three points out of four to tie for first place in the Open section of the Eastern Maine Open held on Saturday, October 28, 2006 in the Bumps Room at the Memorial Union at the University of Maine, Orono. Prizes were given for each section and class down to U600. We bring you the fully illustrated tournament report.

Thanks to Tom Sandford for contributing to this report.

Left to right: Ghezai Menelik, Barry Magda and Andrey Savov analyze after Menelik and Savov's tense third round game in which Savov overstepped the time limit and relinquished the point to Menelik.

Eastern Maine Open
October 28, 2006

Section Awards

Open Section

Ghezai Menelik (3.0) (trophy on tiebreak)
Barry A. Magda (3.0)
Andrey Ludmilov Savov (3.0)

U1400 Section Aaron Spencer (3.5)

U1000 Section Zebulon L. Coombs (4.0)

U600 Section Alan R. Kinney (3.0)

Class Awards

Class B
Ghezai Menelik (3.0)
Barry A. Magda (3.0)
Andrey Ludmilov Savov (3.0)

Class C
Fred H. Irons (2.5)

Class D
J. Paul Ciarrocchi (3.0)
Murray Bridges (3.0)

Class E
Margaret Bryan (2.5)

Class F
Nick Dunn (2.0)

Class G
1st ’Äì Haley DeLuca Lowell (3.0)
2nd ’Äì Zachary L. Coombs (2.0)
3rd ’Äì Nathaniel Simpson (1.5)

Under 600
1st ’Äì Alan R. Kinney (3.0)
2nd ’Äì Reid A. Horton (2.0) (tiebreak)
3rd ’Äì Joey Ahern (2.0) (tiebreak)

First on tiebreaks: Ghezai Menelik

A picture of concentration: Andrey Savov

Aaron Spencer went undefeated in the U1400 section.

U1000 winner Zebulon Coombs

Alan Kinney and Laddy DeLuca Lowell play in Round 4. Kinney went on to win this game and the U600 prize.

Class C winner Fred Irons

Murray Bridges shared the Class D prize with...

J. Paul Ciarrocchi

Class E winner and Polgar National Invitational for Girls participant Maggie Bryan

Nick Dunn scored 2 points to win the F Class.

Haley DeLuca Lowell took home the Class G trophy.

Willing the pieces to move: Mark Maynard

In the skittles room (left to right) Nick Dunn, Jeff Golding and Nathaniel Simpson kibbitzing over a position.

Hampden Academy Chess Coach Ben Johnson

Airline Community School Chess Coach Andy Bryan

One of Coach Bryan's subjects Joey Ahern receives the U600 3rd place medallion.

Gabe Borland

Dad of Maine State High School Champion Ray Solinger. (That would be Bob Solinger.)

Lee Doucette

Reid Horton played a fascinating fourth round game vs. Zeb Coombs. Up a bishop in the endgame a tactical miscalculation cost him the point.

Tom Sandford in full TD mode.



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