WCCF October Swiss: Richard Look is Best Among Equals

10.26.06 In an exciting four-way tie for first at the Washington County Chess Federation October Swiss, Richard Look emerged in the number one spot after the calculation of tiebreaks. Joining him on the crosstable with three points out of a possible four were Michael McCabe, Hoty Briggs and Tarik Benabdallah. The tournament, which took place at the Machias Valley Grange Hall on October 21, 2006, was the second in a monthly series of tournaments sponsored by the Washington County Chess Federation.

Thanks to Alba Briggs for contributing to this report.

Rafi Hopkins (foreground left) plays the white pieces vs Jade Murdick while Richard Look (background left) does battle with Nathaniel Simpson at the Washington County Chess Federation October Swiss.

The hand is quicker than the eye: Ezra Briggs' hand is a blur of motion as he presses his clock. Ezra's eyes however, remain fixed on his opponent's king.

Up for grabs were a nice assortment of trophies.


Pairing Number Place Name RD.1 RD.2 RD.3 RD.4 Total

4 1 Richard Look W20 W9 W1 L4 Total 3.0

1 2 Michael McCabe W7 W5 L4 W8 Total 3.0

5 3 Hoty Briggs W11 L1 W6 W9 Total 3.0

3 4 Tarik Benabdallah L9 W10 W2 W4 Total 3.0

6 5 Jade Murdick W12 D2 L5 W11 Total 2.5

9 6 Nathaniel Simpson W3 L4 W7 L5 Total 2.0

8 7 Houston Ross L2 W12 W10 L1 Total 2.0

7 8 Lily Briggs L1 W11 L9 W2 Total 2.0

2 9 Rafi Hopkins W8 D6 L3 L7 Total 1.5

11 10 Ezra Briggs L5 L7 W12 L6 Total 1.0

10 11 Mary Briggs L4 L3 L8 W12 Total 1.0

12 12 Jacob Ebbeson L6 L8 L11 L10 Total 0.0

Next month's WCCF tournament will take place on November 18, 2006 in Eastport. Click here for more details. You can also click on the Events link from any ChessMaine.net page.

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