The Maine Tournament Archive Project

The Maine Tournament Archive Project is an ambitious undertaking with the goal of creating an easily accessible, searchable, online database of crosstable and player information from every USCF-rated tournament played in Maine dating from January 1, 1992 to the present.

Our goal is to leave "no game unturned." If you are aware of a USCF-rated tournament that took place in Maine since January 1, 1992 that is not included here, a link that is inoperative or any incorrect information, we would appreciate it if you would bring it to our attention. Some of the more recent tournaments (within the last couple of months) may not be posted because they have not yet been officially rated by the USCF. Care has been taken to keep the original name of the tournament intact, i.e., the Maine State Championship has also been referred to as the Maine State Closed Championship, the Maine State Championship, Closed and the Maine State Closed Chess Championship, depending on the tournament director's choice of a title for a particular year. The dates indicate the ending date of the tournament. Clarifying information was added to some tournament titles to make them unambiguous.

To access the online database click on the Maine Tournament Archive Project link from any page. You can also get to the Maine Tournament Archive Project by clicking


Great job with the tournament info. I will check my archives to see if I have anything not listed.

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