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04.22.06 The top rated player in each section plowed through their respective opponents without a loss or a draw but that's where the predictability ended. Lots of interesting games, upsets and results you might not expect were all part of the Airline Community School's Fundraising Tournament to help send the K-3 State Champion Team to the National Elementary School Championships in Denver. And did we mention an astounding chess set collection from all corners of the globe?

Ralph Townsend scored a perfect 3-0 in the Open section

Haley DeLuca Lowell scored a perfect 4-0 in the Scholastic section

In the 3-round, G/60 Open section, Ralph Townsend (1856) notched another tournament victory winning 3 in a row from some determined opposition. Three players tied for second with 2 points. Unrated Dana DeLuca, who upset both Orono High School coach Fred Irons (1561) and Nicholas Scott (1195), took second place on tiebreaks followed by Girl's State Champion Margaret Bryan (893) and Fred Irons.

Dana DeLuca

Margaret Bryan

Fred Irons

Andy Bryan in a first-round encounter with Mario DeLuca

Nicholas Scott

Henry Roach

Mario DeLuca battling Margaret Bryan in Round 2

The Scholastic section was contested in 2 classes, K-5 and K-8. Haley DeLuca Lowell (707) dominated the field taking first place by a 1.5 point margin. George Spahn (550) scored 2.5 points and received the top K-5 trophy. Following Haley in the K-8 class were Joey Ahearn (637) and David Jones (626). Anna Bryan (549) and unrated Laddy DeLuca Lowell took second and third respectively in the K-5 class.

Haley DeLuca Lowell

George Spahn, Palermo Consolodated School

Joey Ahearn

David Jones

Andrew Jones

Anna Bryan

Laddy DeLuca Lowell

A fabulous upset came at the expense of second-place finisher Joey Ahearn. Unrated 5-year-old Eli Spahn uncorked a shocker forcing Joey to resign after Eli queened a second pawn and left Joey with nothing but a bare King.

Five-year-old Eli Spahn was all smiles after handing Joey Ahearn a last round defeat

Andrew Jones and Eli Spahn play a skittles game on a small pocket set

Scholastic Players at the Awards Ceremony

In addition to great chess this event also featured great chess sets! A chess collectors' exhibit consisting of nearly 2 dozen set and board combinations from around the world delighted onlookers. Thanks to Ralph Townsend, Fred Irons, Bob Solinger and Dan DeLuca for contributing chess sets to the exhibit. Enjoy the eye candy below!

4.4 inch King Boxwood Collector Series Pieces

Capablanca-style Ebony and Boxwood Pieces with Striped Ebony and Bird's-Eye Maple Board

Centurian Series Boxwood Knight

Sets from the island country of Cuba

Harston-style Boxwood and Ebony Pieces

Handmade Ceramic Pieces

Olivewood Pieces from Israel

Pieces and Board from Greece

Pieces and Board from Italy

Ghezai Menelik perusing the chess set collection

Onyx Pieces and Board

Baseball Theme Pieces

8 inch King Oversized Pieces, Ceramic Tile board with 6 inch squares and a pocket set (look closely)

Pieces and Boards from Peru

Pieces and Board from the Philippines

4.4 inch King Red Sandalwood and Boxwood Pieces with Purpleheart/Bird's-Eye Maple Contemporary Board

Red Sandalwood Knight Detail

Black Lacquered Windsor Castle Pieces

Thanks to everyone who made this fundraising tournament a great success. Good luck to Airline Community School at the Nationals!

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