4th Annual Joe Brown Memorial Tournament Report

02.04.10 Twenty-four players turned out to honor the memory of former Deer Isle - Stonington student and chessplayer Joe Brown at the 4th Annual Joe Brown Memorial Tournament played at Deer Isle - Stonington Elementary School on January 30, 2010.

Deer Isle - Stonington Elementary School, site of the 4th Annual Joe Brown Memorial Chess Tournament

This five round tournament was played in four sections (K-2, 3-4, and a combined 5-6 and 7-8) at G/15. Topping the grade 7-8 section with a perfect 5.0 points was top-rated Andy Turner. It wasn't a walkover however as some of his games, particularly his second round game with teammate Bethany Humphrey, were very tight right into the endgame and could have gone either way. Following Turner in the grade 7-8 section was Haley DeLuca Lowell with 3.5 points, Ivan Zembrusky with 2.5 points and Reid Bartlett with 1.0 point.

In the grade 5-6 section, Bethany Humphrey took first with 3.0 points followed by Isaac Vaughn who took the second place trophy.

Soozin Cha also posted a perfect 5.0 points in five games to take first in the grade 3-4 section. Closely following Soozin were Kinsey Bartlett with 4.0 points, Tyson Rice and Brendan Penfold with 3.0 points, Orly Vaughn with 2.0 points, Ennis Marshall and Elliot Nevells with 1.5 points and Gabe Allen rounded out the crosstable.

The ten-player K-2 section had the highest attendance. Ben Penfold scored 4.0 points to take the first place trophy edging out Rylee Eaton who scored 3.5 points and received the second place trophy. Third place was shared by Ross Stewart and Andrew Pappianne with 3.0 points. Stewart received the third place trophy and Pappianne took home the fourth place trophy based on tiebreaks. Ruby DeLuca Lowell and Myles Brown tied for fifth place with 2.5 points. DeLuca Lowell was awarded the 5th place trophy on tiebreaks. Cole Stewart took seventh place with 2.0 points, Cameron Stewart scored 2.0 points for eighth place, Kaylee Morey finished with 1.5 points and Henry Penfold scored 1.0 point.

This tournament was organized by Dick Powell and the Deer Isle - Stonington Chess boosters and directed by Dan DeLuca. Thanks to all who participated--players, parents, families and coaches--for making this a great event.

This non-rated tournament was not announced on the Events page of ChessMaine.net as it was primarily an "in house" Deer Isle - Stonington event.

A nondescript sign directs players to the tournament room.

Grade 7-8 section winner Andy Turner

Second in the 7-8 section: Haley DeLuca Lowell with 3.5 points.

Ivan Zembrusky took third in the &-8 section scoring 3.0 points.

Bethany Humphrey adds another tournament win to her belt.

Scoreless but taking home the second place trophy in the grade 5-6 section: Isaac Vaughn.

Reid Bartlett

Grade 3-4 section winner Soozin Cha scored 5.0 points in five games.

Current K-3 state co-champion Kinsey Bartlett took second in the grade 3-4 section.

Tyson Rice scored 3.0 points and received the third place trophy in the grade 3-4 section.

Brendan Penfold tied for third with 3.0 points.

Orly Vaughn put up 2.0 points.

Gabe Allen

Elliot Nevells

Kaylee Morey makes a move in her game vs. K-2 section winner Ben Penfold.

Cole Stewart (left) on the move vs. Myles Brown.

Ross Steward (right) plays Henry Penfold.

Rylee Eaton (left) considers her position vs. Cameron Stewart.

Ruby Deluca Lowell (right) and Andrew Pappianne are all business as they proceed through the opening moves of their game.

As usual at Deer Isle - Stonington the food was plentiful!

Ennis Marshall (right) plays Brendan Penfold in round 1.

Parents and families waiting in the wings.

Dick Powell checks out the action in the grade 3-4 section.

The combined grade 5-6 and 7-8 sections

Future chess players!

Winners in the grade 7-8 section (left to right): Ivan Zembrusky (third), Haley DeLuca Lowell (second) and Andy Turner (first).

Bethany Humphrey (first) and Isaac Vaughn (second) in the grade 5-6 section.

Winners in the grade 3-4 section (left to right): Soozin Cha (first), Kinsey Bartlett (second), Tyson Rice (third), Brendan Penfold (fourth) and Orly Vaughn (fifth).

Winners in the K-2 section (left to right): Ruby DeLuca Lowell (fifth), Ben Penfold (first), Andrew Pappianne (fourth), Rylee Eaton (second), Ross Stewart (third) and Henry Penfold (the tournament's youngest player).

Joe Brown (center) in a photo taken at the 2004 Elementary School National Championships with teammates, Grandmaster Susan Polgar and former Deer Isle - Stonington chess coach Mark Woida. Joe's team finished 11th in the USA in the K-6 U1000 section.

Joe Brown's sister Chelsea and his mom Jennie with Dick Powell.


Kinsey Bartlett looks so much like the young boy that played in the movie ( Searching for Bobby Fisher ).
Nice to see the state of Maine doing so much for young chess players. Good job Dan.

Paul Dumont

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