John Bapst New Year's Tournament Report

01.13.10 Twenty-eight players braved single-digit temperatures to participate in the 2010 John Bapst New Year's Tournament played at John Bpast Memorial High School in Bangor on January 10th. Topping the Open section were Roger Morin and Fritz Eyerer who tied for first with 3.0 points in four games. Here's the illustrated tournament report with USCF crosstables.

The John Bapst icon is displayed in the lobby of John Bapst Memorial High School, host of the 2010 John Bapst New Year's Tournament.

Roger Morin, Fritz Eyerer, Aaron Spencer and Yuri Riabkov were all tied with 2.0 points after three rounds of the John Bapst New Year's Tournament--Morin losing to Eyerer in round two, Eyerer dropping one to his former John Bapst teammate Aaron Spencer, Spencer himself losing to Riabkov and Riabkov unable to hold to Morin. The final round paired the top four players against each other with Morin vs. Spencer and Riabkov vs. Eyerer. In an exciting round, both top rated players prevailed (Morin 2017, Eyerer 1828) and shared first and second place prize money.

Following the leaders were Spencer, Riabkov and Deer Isle - Stonington Chess Coach Richard Powell with 2.0 points.

In the U1600 section, Saco's Bruce Sherwood and Jaiwei Zou tied for the top spot with 3.5 points. As if to verify their equality, they drew their third round match up against each other in a hair-raising, flag-hanging draw. Zou had queen and king vs. Sherwood's king and rook pawn on the seventh. After many repeats of the position Sherwood asked for a draw and one was adjudicated by the tournament director. Paul Rudnicki, alone in third place with 3.0 points, was trailed by Bill Gallagher, Frank Collemer, Kurt Eyerer and J. Paul Ciarrocchi each scoring 2.0 points.

The U1000 section saw newcomer Camden High School student Forrest Whiting take first with a perfect 4.0 points. George Spahn and John Paul Kenneway shared second with 3.0 points apiece, their only losses being to Whiting.

Ritvik Kumaran won the U600 section with an unbeaten and untied 3.0 points. The remaining three players: Bridger Holly, Eli Spahn and Zachary Grindal tied for second with 1.0 point.

The John Bapst New Year's Tournament was organized by Andy Bryan and Mary Eyerer and directed by Dan DeLuca.

Thanks to John Bapst Memorial High School for hosting, John Bapst Friends of Chess, parents, players and volunteers for making this a successful tournament!

2010 John Bapst New Year's Tournament Crosstable

Roger Morin starts the year off right with a tie for first with...

...former John Bapst student now Swarthmore College physics major Fritz Eyerer.

Current Bapst student Aaron Spencer tied with Bapst Chess Coach...

...Yuri Riabkov and...

Deer Isle - Stonington Chess Coach Dick Powell for third place with 2.0 points.

Andy Bryan behind the computer and...

...behind the pieces in his third round game vs. Yuri Riabkov.

MECA Vice President Maggie Bryan

Co-champion in the U1600 section Bruce Sherwood contemplates his position.

Co-champion in the U1600 section Jaiwei Zou plays John Bapst student Deanna Power.

Third place finisher in the U1600 section Paul Rudnicki

Not the most senior player in the tournament (read on) Bill Gallagher

Up from the Rockland area to play chess in Bangor, Frank Collemer.

John Bapst Chess Team member Kurt Eyerer

Back after a year plus chess hiatus J. Paul Ciarrocchi

Another member of the Bapst Chess Team Dan Honeycutt

One more Bapst player: Deanna Power

John F. "Frank" Jones

Winner of the U1000 section Forrest Whiting

Tournament veteran George Spahn scored 3.0 points in the U1000 section to tie for second place with...

...John Paul Kenneway.

The final round game between John Kenneway and Langdon Holly drew a small crowd.

The well-fought game ended in a win for Kenneway.

Deer Isle - Stonington's Andy Turner

The tournament's youngest player Ian Youth (age 8) of Scarborough poses with the tournament's least youngest player Lois Morin of Houlton (age 76).

The two played each other to a draw in the last round of the U1000 section.

Winners in the U1000 section (left to right): George Spahn (equal second) and Forrest Whiting (first). John Paul Kenneway (equal second) is not pictured.

U600 section winner Ritvik Kumaran scored a perfect 4.0 points.

Following Kumaran in the U600 section were Bridger Holly...

...Zachary Grindall...

...and Eli Spahn each scoring 1.0 point.

Winners in the U600 section (left to right): Eli Spahn (equal second), Bridger Holly (equal second), Zachary Grindal (equal second) and Ritvik Kumaran (first).

Thanks to all for braving the snow, ice and cold to participate in the 2010 John Bapst New Year's Tournament!


Thanks to all for making this a wonderful tournament. I realise that many people in the background are needed to hold these events. I appreciate it all so the least I can do is to try to show up for support. Win or loose, I have such a wonderful time playing chess that it's almost spiritual. Roger

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