All Saints Winter Warm-Up Tournament Report

03.02.09 Forty-four players competed in five sections at the All Saints Winter Warm-Up Tournament at the All Saints School in Bangor on February 7, 2009. Top finishers were: Aaron Spencer (Open), Jaiwei Zou, Gianluca Pane, Paul Rudnicki (K-12), Alessandro Pane (K-8), Bethany Humphrey (K-6) and Max DeLuca Lowell (K-3). Here's the illustrated tournament report with crosstables.

Aaron Spencer went unbeaten and untied in four rounds to take first place in the Open section of the All Saints Winter Warm-Up Tournament played in Bangor on February 7, 2009.

Aaron Spencer had a stellar day in the Open section posting wins vs: John Ellison, Alba Briggs, Roger Peterson and Brock MacDougal to take first place. John Bapst Chess Coach Yuri Riabkov took second with 3.5 points and Akagi Kayashima, Brock MacDougal and Ian Pellitier shared third with 2.5 points.

In the K-12 section, a three-way tie for first resulted between Jaiwei Zou, Gianluca Pane and Paul Rudnicki with John Kenneway, Kurt Eyerer and Derek Hoyt rounding out the field.

Alessandro Pane made a last-round draw to finish with 3.5 points and ice first place in the K-8 section. Pane was followed by Andrew Turner with 3.0 points and Sam Grindle, Anna Bryan and Nick Eaton each with 2.5 points.

Rising star Bethany Humphrey won the K-6 section going away. With a perfect five for five Humphrey was untouchable and won the five-round event by two(!) points. George Payne and Caitlin Hillary tied for second with 3.0 points.

In the K-3 non-rated section, Max DeLuca Lowell matched Humphrey's performance by posting a perfect 5-0. Brendan Pacle finished second with 3.0 points and Sean Adams and Brendon Aponte tied for third with 2.5 points.

The tournament was organized and directed by Steve Wong, Paul Rudnicki and All Saints Chess.

All Saints Winter Warm-Up Tournament Crosstable

Second in the Open section: John Bapst High School Chess Coach Yuri Riabkov

Akagi Kayashima concentrates on the board and only the board.

Brock MacDougal posted 2.5 points to tie for third.

Also tieing for third: Deer Isle-Stonington's Ian Pelletier

Roger Peterson

Playing in the Open section: Margaret Bryan

Bangor High School student Keji Xu

Happy with his position? Happy in general: Dick Powell

John Ellison

Andy Bryan gives his opponent the "Karpov eye."

Alba Briggs on the move planning his opening

Anne York

Winner in the K-12 section: a back-lit Jaiwei Zou

Gianluca Pane tied for second in the K-12 section with...

Paul Rudnicki

John Kenneway scored 2.0 points in the K-12 section.

Kurt Eyerer

Derek Hoyt

Winner in the K-8 section with 3.5 points: Alessandro Pane

Always in the mix: Andrew Turner

Likewise for this fine player: Sam Grindle

Cool, calm and collected Anna Bryan scored 2.5 in the K-8 section.

Brothers Alec and Nick Eaton

Chelsea Brown

Conner Morey

J'adoube: Ezra Briggs

Whitney Brown

First in the K-6 section with a perfect score: Bethany Humphrey

Waiting for the go-ahead: K-6 players ready to go

Players in the K-3 section at the start of Round 1.

Max DeLuca Lowell came out on top of the K-3 section with 5.0 points in as many games.

Between round players got a chance to blow off some steam in the gym.

Thanks to tournament director Steve Wong.


Congratulations to all and especially to Aaron Spencer for a superb performance. I'll see you all on the 21st on Sidekick Quads, Orono. roger morin

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