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National Senior High School Championships: Final Report

04.20.08 With the seventh and final round of the National Senior High School Championships completed, the John Bapst Chess Team will return to Maine with heads held high. The team earned a total score of 29 out of a possible 56 points--our congratulations to the players and their coaches for this outstanding accomplishment. Here is our final report including results, selected games and of course, images from Atlanta.

Looking down from the 18th floor of the Hyatt Regency, the John Bapst players and coaches bid a fond farewell to Atlanta.

Thanks to Andy Bryan, our reporter on the scene, for contributing to this report.


Selected Games from

John Bapst High School Final Scores:

Championship: Fritz Eyerer 4.0, Aaron Spencer 3.0
U1600: Zach Smith 4.5, Maggie Bryan 2.0
U1200: Kurt Eyerer 4.0
U800: Omar Khan 4.0, Anna Bryan 4.0, Daniel Honeycutt 3.5

National Senior High School Championships
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
April 18 - 20, 2008

7SS, G/120.

5 sections:
K-12 Championship
K-12 Under 1600
K-12 Under 1200
K-12 Under 800
K-12 Unrated

Prizes: Trophies for at least top 25 players and 25 teams in each section based on attendance average during the past two years. All participants will receive a medal at the completion of the final round.

Also class trophies to the top three in the following classes:

K-12 Championships:
Under 1400.

Teams: A team must have at least two players, although no maximum number of players. The top four scores in any section will count for the team score.

Main Event rounds:
Friday 1 pm, 7pm;
Saturday 9 am, 2 pm, 7 pm;
Sunday 9 am, 2 pm.

Opening Ceremony: 12:30 pm Friday.

Awards: 7 pm (approximate) Sunday.

The John Bapst team before beginning their last-round games (kneeling left to right): Aaron Spencer, Kurt Eyerer and Zach Smith; (standing left to right): Coach Bob Solinger, Fritz Eyerer, Maggie Bryan, Daniel Honeycutt and Omar Khan.

Aaron Spencer prepares for his 6th round game vs. Fiona Lam (1792) from Maryland.

Top boards ready to start the 7th and final round.


Congratulations to all the players for their great accomplishments getting them this far, and their excellent performance in Atlanta.
Thank you Mr. Solinger, Mr. & Mrs. Bryan, and Mr. & Mrs. Eyerer for guiding our team on this journey. Thank you Dan, for keeping us informed.
Another terrific year for John Bapst Chess!

A super congratulations to all you wonderfully talented chess players representing Maine. Roger Morin

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