About MECA

The Maine Chess Association (MECA) is a statewide, incorporated, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes various chess related activities in Maine such as United States Chess Federation rated tournaments, match play between local chess clubs and scholastic events. Donations are welcomed and are tax deductible.

MECA Membership List

Please click the link below to download the Maine Chess Association Constitution in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here.

MECA Constitution

The Maine Association of Chess Coaches runs the annual Maine Scholastic Team and Individual Championships.

MACC By-Laws

Maine Chess Association Officers

President Andy Bryan bvbryan@aol.com

Vice President Dan DeLuca dcdeluca@yahoo.com

Secretary Eric Dinnerstein ericdin@gmail.com

Treasurer Andrey Savov alsavov@gmail.com

Maine Chess Association Policy Board

Matthew Fishbein matthew.fishbein97@gmail.com

Phil Lowell lowellphilip@yahoo.com

Barry Magda bajmagda@gmail.com

Lucas McCain lwmccain@gmail.com

Join The Maine Chess Association!

The Maine Chess Association is working hard to promote and encourage chess activity in Maine. You can support the MECA and all its activities by becoming a member for the low annual fee of $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for students. Your membership will directly benefit chess at all levels in Maine. We ask you to consider becoming a member of the MECA and we thank you.

Annual Dues are $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for students.

A Maine Chess Association life membership may be purchased for $240.00.

To purchase memberships or make a donation please visit the ChessMaine.net Store

The Benefits of MECA Membership

Your membership will support the official website of the Maine Chess Association (www.ChessMaine.net).

MECA membership is required to participate in all Maine Chess Player of the Year Events.

MECA membership supports prizes in the Maine Team Chess Tournament.

MECA membership supports recently increased prizes in the Maine State Championship.

Last but not least, becoming a MECA member will give you a warm fuzzy feeling because you will know you are supporting chess in Maine.


Any way to find out if Maine chess players are going to tournaments and are willing to share hotel rooms and/or transportation?



As a MECA member, I proposed, and would still like to see, a separate link on this website with "news from the MECA board". I may have said "News from the President", but might as well include all eight folks. A monthly type newsletter of what is going on at the board level should be appropriate enough to publish.
Please consider.

Phil, A new link providing a forum for the MECA Board of Diectors and the MECA Policy Board to communicate with the ChessMaine.net community is coming soon.

Kindly post the names, e-mails optional, of the 4 elected Policy Board members.
Phil St.Jean

Phil, The names and e-mail addresses of the MECA Policy Board have been added to the About MECA link on ChessMaine.net.

Great site?
How often do the puzzles, etc change?
I'm a former Springvale resident (48-70) and am glad to hear of the Chess meetings at the Springvale Library.
I live in Alaska now, but will be in Maine in April.
I'll be glad to support MECA, and will be sending in my $10.
Keep pushing wood!

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