ratings will be used. Players may play in any section their rating allows. Registering for a lower-rated section does not guarantee you will be able to play in that section - your rating on the day will determine the lowest section you can play in.

This tournament is only open to players holding a current USCF membership through March 2021. USCF Memberships available from MECA - contact
The tournament links will be sent to all valid registrants after the registration deadline.

Registration deadline: Mar 4, 2021, 7pm. The registrant list will be published.

All playing protocols, including Fair Play Rules, will be observed. Connection issues, etc are not the responsibility of the tournament organizers. Resolving technical troubleshooting is the responsibility of the player. The expectation for all players is simply to show up and play as registered. Technical assistance will not be given, nor will technical issues be resolved by the tournament organizers.
This tournament will be USCF-rated as an Online Rated Event.

Tournament Organizer: Bonny Eagle Chess Club H6051348
Tournament Director: Oisin O'Searcoid, USCF Local TD 16542626