Jessica Lauser Repeats as US Blind Champion

10.27.20 Three players traveled to Manchester, New Hampshire, to participate in the 2020 US Blind Chess Championship held over the board on October 24-25. Jessica Lauser won the tournament and repeats as US Blind Champion. Maine Chess Association president Michael Dudley was onsite and has submitted this report.

Tournament winner and 2020 US Blind Champion Jessica Lauser (right) considers options in her game with Pauline Downing at the US Blind Championship held on October 24-25 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Thanks to Mike Dudley, Alex Relyea, and Nita Patel for contributing to this report.

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Three players traveled to Manchester, New Hampshire, to participate in the 2020 US Blind Chess Championship: Jessica Lauser of Missouri, the US Blind Champion from 2019; Virginia Alverson of Massachusetts, the President of the US Blind Chess Association; and Pauline Downing, also from Massachusetts. These three players went at it for four rounds of chess, both in the main section and in house games with the tournament staff. Alex Relyea served as TD for the third consecutive year, and was assisted by Nita Patel and Michael Dudley, who served as assistant TDs, aides to the players, and house players.

The tournament saw a sweep by Lauser, who went a perfect 4.0/4 in order to secure her title as US Blind Chess Champion for another year. Ginny and Pauline, good friends who shared humor and stories throughout the day, tied for second and third with 2.0/4. At the end of the tournament, Lauser and Dudley squared off in a four-game blitz playoff with games at G/5, in which Lauser demonstrated her superiority with fringe openings; she swept Dudley with a perfect score. The final clinching game between Lauser and Alverson, and the house game between Lauser and Dudley, are annotated by the author.

The Maine Chess Association sends its congratulations to the participants in this championship, and to Jessica Lauser on winning another US Blind Championship! Also, thanks to Alex Relyea and Nita Patel for continuing to support blind chess in the United States!

Tournament Director Alex Relyea (right) congratulates US Blind Champion Jessica Lauser.

Virginia Alverson (right) takes on Jessica Lauser. Notice Virginia's braille stylus for recording the moves.

Maine Chess Association president Mike Dudley (left) starts his four-game mini-match with Jessica Lauser.

Left to right: Pauline Downing, Jessica Lauser, Virginia Alverson, Alex Relyea, and Mike Dudley

Mike Dudley sits in as a house player for a game vs Pauline Downing.

Virginia Alverson (left) and Pauline Downing during a break in play.

Tournament Director Alex Relyea at the helm.

Players and staff pose for a group shot.


Oops! Made a mistake; Alverson hails from Massachusetts.

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