Todd Snyder Wins September Houlton Open

09.16.12 Todd Snyder won the eleven-player September Houlton Open with a perfect score of 4.0 points in four rounds. Roger Morin was just off the lead with 3.0 points (his only loss being to Snyder in the third round). In the 2.5 point tier Aaron Spencer and Richard Fontinha tied for 3rd-4th place. Here's the illustrated tournament report.

Tournament winner Todd Snyder on his way to a perfect score at the September Houlton Open.

Thanks to Roger Morin for contributing to this report.

This tournament attracted eleven players with ratings from 2011 to 1149. In the end it was second-seeded Todd Snyder who took the top honors with 4.0 points in four games. With just one loss, Roger Morin finished in clear second with 3.0 points. Aaron Spencer and Richard Fontinha tied for 3rd with 2.5 points. Lance Beloungie, Ray Haines and Brian Hurst put up 2.0 points and Randall Fitzpatrick was the sole 1.0 point getter to finish in 8th place. Roger Hardison, Glenn Snyder and Darrell Butler closed out the crosstable. This tournament was a Maine Chess Player of the Year event.

Thanks to all players and organizers for making this a successful event.

USCF crosstable of this event

Second place finisher Roger Morin (right) contemplates his position in his game vs a smiling Lance Beloungie.

Darrell Butler (standing) kibbitzes the game Aaron Spencer (left) vs Glenn Snyder.

This time Glenn Snyder is the kibbitzer as he watches Ray Haines (left) play Richard Fontinha.

Ray Haines at work during his game with Brian Hurst.

Richard Fontina (left) tries to hold off Roger Morin in round one.

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