Maine New Hampshire Border Battle

08.23.12 It's time again for the annual Maine New Hampshire Border Battle. This year's friendly rivalry match is September 29, 2012 again at the Portsmouth (NH) Public Library with the first round starting at 10:00 a.m.

The Maine New Hampshire Border Battle will take place on September 29, 2012 at the Portsmouth Public Library.

I am inviting some new players to this years event so I will go over the match rules for them. This year's match is a twelve-board match with ten boards being seeded by USCF rating. All players play two USCF rated games at G / 60 against the corresponding board numberof the opposing team. Boards 11 and 12 will be each state's Denker & Barber representatives competing against each other. Any scholastic player may be substituted if a Denker or Barber player decides not to play. All games are USCF rated and there is no cost for any player to compete .

The second game begins at 2:00 p.m allowing time for a leisurely lunch in downtown Portsmouth which is within walking distance from the library. I have always found this day of chess to be one of the most enjoyable in the year. The stakes are not exorbitantly high and there is time for some socializing. Steve Abrahams has been team captain for the previous two matches but with his relocation I have been designated by MECA to be captain for this year .

I have not not devoted much time to playing recently so I will be quite happy to be a non-playing team captain and an emergency alternate. The 2010 result was a very close an 11 - 9 New Hampshire victory. 2011 produced a larger margin of victory for New Hampshire however I am hopeful our scholastic players will provide us a small edge and with just a little better play we may be able to secure the first victory since this annual match was resumed in 2010. Team members will chosen by their USCF rating as of September 1, 2012. Should you be interested in representing Maine for this match please reply to me before September 7 2012 at

New Hampshire's Roster

Hal Terrie (2200)
John Elmore (2034)
Ron Burris (2001)
Gerry Potorski (1969)
Nate Smith (1940)
Erin Dame (1926)
Matt Goddard (1864)
Arthur Tang (1821)


Phil, your 'personal opinion' on the conflicting events is likely to cost you my involvement in the Border Match. I am in the running for ME Chessplayer of the Year, so the Eastern ME Open will have to take precedence, nixing my participation. You should have simply checked the ME tournament schedule BEFORE agreeing to a date.

Good Day MECA Members :

I shall explain my thought process and how the Border Battle match came to be scheduled on 9/29/12 .

I recalled the Eastern Maine Open generally being played in October so when the September date was proposed to me by New Hampshire's John Elmore I did not think it necessary to confer with Tom Sandford .

That mistake won't be repeated next year .

After a bit of research I discovered the EMO has been held on the Saturday preceding Columbus day weekend the last two years . Columbus Day weekend is very early this October which pushed the preceding Saturday back into September and shazam a conflict has occurred .

Once I discovered this conflict I asked myself " who does this really affect " .

The 2011 Eastern Maine Open & the 2011 Border Battle had two players who played in both events . ( Joshua Quint & Steven Abrahams )

The 2010 Eastern Maine Open & the 2010 Border Battle had one player who played in both events ( Steven Abrahams ) and two players who entered the EMO and are expected to play in this years Border Battle , Maine's scholastic champions Matthew Fishbein & Brett Parker .

My personal opinion is that the number of players who might play in both events is so small that rescheduling either event is not necessary .

Philip Lowell , Jr.
Policy Board
Maine Chess Association

I agree with Lucas....

This looks excellent. I'll be there, and ready to cause some upsets ;)

Perhaps an online format would be best for this? It could also allow for more some non-border battles with Vermont, Mass, etc. It would also allow me to play.....

I've noticed that this event and another Meca sponsored event in Bangor are scheduled for the same day. This seems strange to me, as top players will be attracted to both events and one event will definitely suffer. Perhaps this is the only day that both states could agree on. If so, it is unfortunate that Maine may be underrepresented because of the conflict. In the future, Meca should strive to avoid this type of scheduling.

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