National Chess Day 2011 Tournament Report

10.19.11 Fourteen players gathered at Bowdoin College on October 8, 2011 to participate in the Bowdoin National Chess Day Tournament. Ruben Babayan and Phil Lowell tied for first with 3.0 points in the Open section. In the U1600 section, Will Bonney took first with 4.0 points and the only perfect score of the day.

Tournament co-winner Ruben Babayan marks his scoresheet at the National Chess Day 2011 Tournament held on October 8th at Bowdoin College.

Thanks to Daniel Keliher for contributing to this report.

Both winners of the Open section at the National Chess Day 2011 Tournament, Ruben Babayan and Phil Lowell, went undefeated in four rounds scoring two wins and two draws apiece. In addition to drawing with each other, Babayan was held to a draw by Curt Brock and Lowell shared the point with Barry Magda. No surprise, Magda and Brock tied for third/fourth with 2.5 points. Daniel Keliher scored 1.0 point to take fifth and Steven Kaluzynski rounded out the crosstable scoreless.

In the U1600 section, Will Bonney took first place with the only perfect score--4.0 points in four games. He was trailed by Lee Doucette who ended the day with 3.0 points. Bill Burtt, Alex Franke and Paul King had two points. Thomas Jarmusz, Dahlov Ipcar and Austin Burtt finished with one point.

USCF crosstable of this event

Tying for 1st place in the Open section with 3.0 points: Phil Lowell

Barry Magda put up 2.0 points in the Open tying with...

Curt Brock

Daniel Kehiher plays his teacher, Ruben Babayan, in round two.

Steve Kaluzynski

U1600 winner: Will Bonney

Second place in the U1600 section: Lee Doucette

Bill Burtt

Alex Franke

Paul King

Artist, Dahlov Ipcar managed 1.0 point in the U1600 section.

Austin Burtt

Assistant to the tournament directors Demeka Roderick

The event was held at Adams Hall on the Bowdoin College campus.

This tournament was organized and directed by Daniel Keliher and Brian Roderick. The TDs would also like to thank MaryBeth Mathews and RJ Dellecese of Bowdoin for helping make this event possible!


Brian, Dan;

Excellent tournament. Austin and I had a lot of fun. My only wish is that more lower rated players had turned out to play.

Funny story. The other day my wife was surfing the internet doing something or other and she starts talking about this wonderful local artist who makes the most interesting animal paintings. I ask her who she is talking about and she says Dahlov Ipcar! I say wow! Austin and I just played her at the chess tournament we just went to! I then proceeded to show her the pictures that were taken at the tournament. Of course at the time neither Austin or I realized we were in the presence of a local art celebrity.

An excellent playing room with a capacity for 48 players

Close to restaurants in downtown Brunswick .

Thank you Dan & Brian for running this tournament .

I look forward to more in the future .

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