Fall Chess @UMA

Event UMA, Augusta Maine!


In the Fireplace Lounge, UMA, Augusta Maine!


Saturday, November 16th , 2019


University of Maine at Augusta, Randall Student Center, 2nd  Floor

(Above the Cafeteria)


All Quads, Registration at site 8:30 – 9:00am 

Advance entries by email or mail received by! / until Wed 11/13/2018


Multiple Sections (Quads) *roll your own time control – if the 4 quad players agree, any USCF time control up to G/60  5 sec delay may be used – we have some time constraints on when we can have the space. If you have preference, let us know in advance, and we will try to accommodate you!  DEFAULT is G/45 D5


Rated Open:  3-Round Quads  G/45 d5*

 Prizes   1st $35       2nd10    EF $15 advance $20 at door


Rated Scholastic (open to K-12 players)  3-Round Quads  G/45* d5,

Prizes   1st & 2nd  Medals    EF $5 advance $7 at door  (school supplies to all entrants)


-----USCF membership required for rated sections (available onsite)----

Unrated Quads: G/30    d5*  Quads (4 player groups) based on entries (rated players may only participate in an unrated quad if USCF rating below 900 –or in quad with other rated players > 900) Adult  EF $10   UMA students get FREE! Entry to any Unrated section   1st - 2nd place each Quad –  Non-Monetary prizes



Registration and Questions?

Email advance registrations:

Barry Magda   (207) 358-9354


cell & day of tournament

Mail advance registrations to:

Brian Roderick        Cell 207-509-9373


14 South Belfast Ave, Augusta, ME 04330


 Please bring boards, sets and clocks!

Event sponsored by: UMA Student Activities & “The Royal Court of Maine” USCF affiliate THANK YOU!