Helping Asylum-Seeking Families With Chess

06.21.19 Maine Chess Association President Michael Dudley has written a letter of appeal asking for your help in support of asylum-seeking children and families currently being temporarily housed at the Portland Expo Center.

The Portland Expo has been set up as an emergency shelter for asylum seekers. image: Brianna Soukup/Staff Photographer Portland Press Herald

Dear Maine Chess Community,

An opportunity to help people in need with chess has come up and we're looking for people willing to join in the effort. Currently, families seeking asylum from Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are taking up temporary shelter in the Portland Exposition Building, and volunteers there are looking to provide those families with recreational activities during their stay. The volunteers are hoping that chess can be one of those activities.

On Wednesday, June 26, we are hoping to bring chess pieces, boards, and bags to the Portland Expo for donation to asylum-seeking families, so that they can learn to play chess. Also, we're looking for people who might be willing to teach chess to children and families at the Portland Expo. If you're willing to make a donation of chess equipment, teach chess, or know anything about chess curricula in Portuguese or French, please contact Michael Dudley at Also, if you have equipment you are willing to donate, you can bring it to the Championship at John Bapst tomorrow, June 22, from 8 AM to 6 PM.

I know that the Maine chess community can mobilize to help. Thanks so much for any assistance you all can provide!

Sincerely yours,

Michael Dudley
President, Maine Chess Association

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